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    Hi, everyone - Registration is open for the 23rd annual Traditional Target Championships. Try your stickbow at the LONG distances! trad (wood) recurves, longbows, horsebows All info is here: Come join us! Joan
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    Time again for all you stickbow shooters who like the long distances to test your skill! Legacy target shooting from NAA tournament days. All info here:
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    Hi, everyone - Information and registration is open for our outdoor tournament. August 18-19 in Albuquerque. Long distances with your stickbow! Everything is here: Come join us - and spread the word!
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    Flyer for shoot.
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    The USA Team of Dalton Richardson, Compound (17 years old), Dewayne Martin, Barebow and Calvin Smock, Longbow have won the semi-finals against the Italian Team and will shoot for the team Gold Medal against Spain on Saturday. The shoot for gold will be held in the Palace of the Popes in...
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    Ever wanted to shoot a York or Clout round with a stickbow? Long distances and lots of fun! Come join us for a target tournament like it was done in a simpler time! Registration closes Aug. 16. All info here:
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    Just a reminder that registration is open. Early registration through July 31. Late registration from Aug. 1-15. Registration closes Aug. 15. Come experience target archery as it was before the advent of modern equipment! Traditional Longbow Modern Longbow Traditional Recurve Traditional...
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    U.S. National Field Championships and World Games Trials for Recurve & Barebow (Dar Anyone heard how the U.S. Nationals went in Darrington, WA. this weekend? Pics, video, commentary would be welcomed and appreciated! Where is Greysides when you need him? Lol! Don
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    Registration is now open for the 21st annual national Traditional Target Archery Championships. Bring your stickbows and come join us for the challenge of the long distance target rounds! We are in Albuquerque this year. Traditional Recurve Traditional Longbow Modern Longbow Traditional...
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    just saw this. I believe this was a big complaint about why the US doesn't have a 3d team before?
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    Hi, Everyone, Registration for the trad divisions will be a little different this year. For USAA Indoor Nationals 2017 there will be two trad divisions offered: Trad Recurve and Longbow. HOWEVER - the smaller divisions are NOT going away! Modern Longbow, Traditional Longbow, Modern Horsebow...
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    Enjoy, highlights from Qualification Round - 1 at the World Archery 3D Championships at Mokrice-Catez, Slovenia that's currently ongoing. Regards, James.
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    Just saw the article as they prepare to leave for the tournament. Photo is in article:
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    A report from the event, which was the first field championships in Ireland to follow a World Championship qualification/elimination/finals format, is available here.
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    I've noticed that there seems to be quite a number of shoots that bill themselves as a World Championship. If we accept that the IFAA field and 3D, the WBHC, the WA field, target and 3D have legitimate claims for World status as the organizations have affiliates in most of the major countries...
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    After arriving Sunday, with the equipment inspection/official practice/opening ceremony held yesterday, today the Championship kicks off with the 24 Target Unmarked round. The format is an Unmarked round and then a Marked round. This decides the top 16 archers to go on to the Eliminations...
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    World Archery, the International Archery Federation, officially introduced 3D archery as one of its disciplines at the beginning of 2000 with the intention of attracting a very high number of archers, who in various countries in the world hunted with a bow, to sporting and athletic archery...
1-19 of 75 Results