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    I have a 50 lb samick discovery, my 1st ILF bow. Started out with a vista rest plunger combo/barely left of center/most of my misses to the left ran out of adjustment/plus it was noisy. Tried tricks like weaker spine more point weight. Still left misses. Switched to a cork rest and furniture pad...
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    I understand that conventional wisdom is to set centershot so that the arrow tip lies just outside of the string blurr. But why, other than to allow for string roll off of the fingers? I would think that setting for true centershot, if possible, would yield better tortional stability.
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    I have looked through old posts and am still confused. I am left handed and everything is right handed answers and had some conflicting info, I believe my spine is ok so I believe it’s a centershot issue? Like I said I am a lefty and my arrows are grouping to the left. Do I move the...
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    is there a "best" distance to set the arrow out from center on a centershot recurve? not new to archery or trad archery. had got out of trad for a few years and just started shooting seriously again. disclaimer----IM A LEFTY had an omp hunter #45 stashed in the closet, and bought a galaxy...
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    Hi, I'm fairly new to barebow and have experimented with centershot a certain amount. I have read that barebow shooters are often better off 'further away from centershot' compared to oly recurve shooters. Why is this? I have a couple of (Right Handed) bows and one (with Carbon ones) has the...
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    These things run about $100. Do any of you use one to setup centershot. It seems like a good investment for tinkering with different limbs and risers.
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    My previous post was a little too general, let me try again. Dealing with an ILF rig with a NAP centerest. Arrows are a bit weak and I don't want to cut or change point weight. After you have set centershot, do you move it to tune/fine tune? And, how much away from the side plate if your arrows...
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    I just bought a dozen Beman Centershot 600s and would like to find pin nocks that fit. Lancaster and 3 Rivers say that there aren't any that fit. 3 Rivers has collars, but I'm not sure how effective they are. I couldn't find a UNI bushing that fit either. I've sent Beman and Easton emails...
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    How much wiggle room is there? Can you go from .400 to .500 spine by adjusting centershot?
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    I put tape with a line at the mid point on my limbs at the fades, and hold the bow by the bottom limb and let the top limb rest above a door and look down the string and at the arrow. Try to line the string up with the marks on the tape on the limbs and keep the point of the arrow just to the...
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    Using an elevated rest. Like a NAP Centerest, how close do you need to be to keeping the tip of the arrow just outside the string? I'd like to keep my arrows full length, but they are too weak, unless I push the rest out a fair amount.
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    I'm getting new arrow for my Dorado. With the amount of centershot, would I be better off selecting shafts a little on the stiff, rather than weak side.
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    Has anyone purchased from this company ??? Good or Bad ???? They are cheaper than Alt Services Thanks Rick
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    I have a Morrison riser cut 3/16 past center. Is there an advantage/ disadvantage in shooting off the shelf with a riser cut past center? Should I build up the side plate at all?
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    For those of you who may be interested, I emailed Hoyt about the centershot measurement of the Dorado riser. Their response was that it was .440, which is very very close to 7/16 (.4375). Thought this may help some of you when using the Stu Miller calculator. It may be common knowledge to...
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    I've done this countless times before, but with trad bows off the shelf you are limited by the riser so the normal way is to spine arrows off the shelf with no further mods to center shot (using a bare shaft to find the correct spine). I can't do this on a new Border ILF riser, first shot with...
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    I have been looking since becoming interested in ILF's and decided to join. I have recently obtained one of Bob Morrison's new Phoenix ILF risers with his MAX1 limbs and need some knowledge that the members here have. So, here goes. Thanks in adavance. Question 1: Should I begin the tuning...
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    What could I expect to happen if my bow was set up so the arrow was perfectly centershot or perhaps even a bit past center. I'm curious because after taking a close look it appears that that is exactly how it is set up. Odin
1-18 of 27 Results