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  1. Warfin' Wall
    Hello, Can someone point me to a preferably soft case that will fit a black bear riser with medium limbs? This is with the limbs removed. I'd be open to a hard case too but would really prefer something that I can just slip everything into and roll up. Asking because the BB riser seems...
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    Can this be fixed? ;) ;) ;) ;)
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    Want to buy a Hoyt one-piece 70 inch recurve case for a Hoyt Pro Medalist recurve.
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    I’m trying to figure out some options for transporting my bows- mostly just for protection as my state doesn’t require cases for transport. I travel about an hour to hunt a family place pretty routinely so it would be nice to have a bit more protection on my bow in the back of the SUV. I have...
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    I'm looking for a soft case that will hold a 68" strung recurve. I was told Safari Tuff do one but can't see it on their web site, has anyone else found one anywhere?
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    I wanted a bow case to customize for my bow. I always wanted a Pelican but couldn't justify the cost. I saw this Plano case on the big auction site and thought I would give it a shot. I am shocked at the quality and strength of this case. It is also so easy to customize. It is weather tight...
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    I was in the market for a bow case to carry my Border Covert Hunter while strung (and with bow quiver). I ordered from Rhino Products, Inc and finally received the case today! Anyone with the Border CH knows the big limb hooks makes it a challenge to find a case that will carry it while strung...
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    Hello all, I have been using my Black Widow padded/strung recurve case for my 60"Border Black Douglas and It sure is a tight fit. Unstrung is not great either... Has anyone found a strung bow case that fits well for the Coverts and Black Douglas? I can make due with the BW case but I feel like...
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    I was going to post this in the Border Bow are the Best thread, but it was getting lengthy. i searched all over for a case that would handle the big horns of the Covert Hunter when it was all set up, but couldn't find one. So, I had a local manufacturer, who makes bags for canoeing and...
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    I have an old Karen Kelly zippered case which has lasted nicely through three bouts of traditional and all of the bows. However the big hooks don't allow me to carry my CH as would a normal recurve. Any recommendations?
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    Looking for a nice hard bow case for 58" take down recurve. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone that has made a wood bow case, can you post some pictures? I'm wanting to build one for my ILF bow and was just looking for some ideas. I will be carrying it to the 3D shoots I go to so ideas on lighter woods would be nice also. Sent from my LT30at using Tapatalk
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    I need to obtain a travel case for an Olympic style recurve, 25" riser, long limbs. I do not need it to travel on a plane for an African Safari, but rather to put in the car for travel to various shoots. I do not want to spend a fortune. I would like it to be able to hold 2 risers, and 2...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am looking for a top quality strung recurve case. Can anyone provide a recommendation? Appreciated. Steve
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am trying to find a case that will allow for two take-down bows and all the accessories that would go with two sets and will fit in my car trunk. This limits me to 39"x16"x9 at most and really I would like the 16" to be 15". Has anyone got experience with the Aurora Proline Hybrid or the...
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    Where do you get your strung recurve case? I have a brook wood case and love it. It's a bit to short for my 66" strung bow. Only place that I have found that carries them is bag depot but I'm not getting any replies from them, email or phone. So need a resource for a strung recurve case. 3...
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    I have been looking for a strung case for a 66in. or longer bow. The longest I can find is a Long Shot sold in the UK. Anyone know of any long cases I can get in the US ?
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am looking for a case to keep my Predator Classic in for transport and storage. Have you found a case that you think is superior? The limbs are appox 24 inches. thanks Doug
  19. Arcos Ibanez
    Case to carry and protect recurve bows. The case of the image is made of wood bubinga, but the case can be made in other woods (the archer can have a case made of the same wood that the bow). The case has security locks, and the interior is padded (internal materials to choose) to...
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    Signup thread is in the patrons lounge here. You need to have a patron membership to view or post in it. If you are not already a patron member and want to sign up, the link to patron membership registration is here...