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    Planning to upgrade my present setup . . . Anybody know what the dimension is between spindles (on center) for the Cartel CX-1 string maker. Can't locate the distance . . . the longer the better. Thanks šŸ¹ John
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    Anyone have experience with the Cartel Fantom Fiber Recurve Limbs? Was thinking of a set for my Dalaa riser. Thanks in advance.
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    As a target shooter I primarily use higher end arrows: Easton ACE's usually for 90 meters, and ACG's for all other distances. The fully made up arrows (full length 430 spine) are 344 and 434 gr respectively. This is to get the speed and distance that I need for longer distance shots, and to give...
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    I bought this riser for a young friend for Christmas. It was only $99 so I didn't expect much. I fid expect a riser you could string and shoot though. Else why make one and sale it. Well today was the first day we could get together. I pulled the riser out of the package and glanced at the...
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    I put the shaft on a caliper OD 5mm. 1/4" pin nocks. I draw 28" to back of bow. arrows cut to 29" to start tune. These little arrows are straight and pretty tough. Tune with 25" Best Moon and 32# Border Hex 5 limbs More pics in a few days I think I have 90 gr points with two break off...
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    Is the cartel sirius a good riser and or ilf riaer ?
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    Hey all, Maybe you all can help me out a bit here. I am looking to put together one of the bows people are referring to as a CARSAGE bow. It is made from a CARTEL TRIPLE 62 Riser and Samick SAGE Limbs. Lots of reports talk about how great they shoot and behave for the low money you can get...
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    I've read some good reviews on the Fantom. Has anyone had much experience with the Xpert riser? The only Cartel product I've used was a sight that fell apart on me. Input is much appreciated.
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    I just noticed that Cartel has a maple ILF riser on their website. It looks similar to the Samick Polaris bolt-down riser. Does anybody have any other info about this one?
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    Hey all, Came upon an interesting thread over on Stickbow. One of the members bought a Cartel Triple 62 riser and put a set of Samick Sage limbs on it to make a 62 inch bow at 55 pounds. The bow priced out at a bit over $100 or so and he reports that it shoots like a dream. The limbs are the...
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    Was browsing the web and came across this reasonably priced riser. Anybody have any experience with it? Not a bad looking riser.
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    I have been using my Cartel arm guard with the arrow pointing to my hand ut today a good frien told me it was the other way. That is with the arrows pointing to me because this way the string do not get under the arm guard. Which...
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    I would like to know how good are Cartel magnetis rests. I want to get one of these: Thanks Martin
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    for those who've tried them for hunting, what are your thoughts? are they durable? how do you keep the arrow from falling off the rest when drawing on an animal?
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    As i look about the bulleyes I target forums, I don't see the Cartel Triple get much press. I have got a set of the .700 for shooting on one of my wee draw stringwalking target rigs. So far I have found them outstanding. I am using the break off point and pin nocks with curly vanes. is the...
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    This Tab just fits me! Medium sized, and a perfect fit. I tuck my thumb when I shoot with a high anchor, and have to take the thumb rest off. Do they still make this tab? Cannot find them.
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    dang there is nothing easy :) I ogt some cartel triple shafts .700 from lancster to shoot at IBO thrid week end in july. got the shafts, pins and nocks but back order on the cartel 60 70 80 break off points. Mike called Lancaster.....due on the 7/10. gonna be late. Ya guys shoot more...
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    Am looking to find wraps for Cartel Triples, size 700 and 800, but none are made specifically for these arrows. Same as ACEs? Or more like Navigators...?
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    How does the quality of the DAS short plunger compare to comparably priced plungers from Cartel or Cavalier? I'm mostly interested in tip wear and smoothness.
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    How are the Cartel sights sold in the Trad Store, I also found a Cartel Expert, carbon fiber sight on e-bay pretty cheap. This for my daughter (9) who was complaining that my son (7) had a sight on his bow and she didn't. thanks dave