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    Hi all been following this sight for about a year now love it this is my first post. Im from western australia and shoot a locally made one peice 45# recurve and primarily shoot easton powerflight 400 spine 145gr. Have great success with that arrow for both hunting and field events. The club im...
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    For some reason I've never tried carbons. I've used predominately aluminum and occasionally woodies. I shoot bows in the 45-55lb range and the shelf center cut distance can vary dramatically from my ASL's to my past center recurves. I draw 28 1/2 and have been shooting BOP shafts at 29 1/4. Also...
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    I am looking for some advice with choosing some carbon shafts for my better halves compound. The bow is a Kinetic Mirage set at 32lb @ 27inch draw length. She has not long had it and has been shooting Avalon Tyro shafts 800 spine. We have had 4 of the dozen so far split at the nock end which is...
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    I'll try and keep this short... I have a right hand Hill Style longbow. #60 @28, I draw 26.5". I have carpal tunnel and have been plagued with torquing my bow because of a lack of grip strength. However building up the grip and making a kind of locator grip has helped. Also I started heeling...
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    What is the inside diameter of the 570 and 630 Inspire carbon arrows? Would like to know for setting up screw in bushings. Thanks.
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hello All, What's the best glue for fletching carbon shafts? Opinions please.... Preferred prep method? Best glue for feathers? Best glue for vanes? Thank you in advance for your knowledge and expert advice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After I crest my arrows I put a clear arrow wrap over top of it to protect the paint, my only issue is that I'm terrible at putting the wraps on. I've tried all the tips from using a mouse pad to rolling it and it just doesn't work for me. Is there a clear dipping lacquer I could put overtop my...
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    never shot them before but just the other day received a set in a trade and can say they are better than some in the same price range or as good the amount for. will be buying another set. They tillered bottomed out exactly even...
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    Hi guys, Off on vacation and only take down bow in my collection is a Hoyt Avalon Plus Oly recurve. Dont have space to transport one piece bows. Don't want to shoot my Eastons ACEs into cardboard or wands (narrow stick placed vertically in the ground) so think I will adjust the rest and shoot...
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    For those of you that has shot or owned both, what difference did you see between them? Worth the extra $$$$? $220 vs $400, unless I can find a used set. Noise, feel, vibrations, and speed.....
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    I'm trying to decide which limbs to put on my 19" Hoyt Dorado, any suggestions? I want a medium limb so I end up with a 62" bow and I want 45-50#. Also if I go with the tropics will the 68/36 limbs be the ones to get me at 62" and 45-50lbs on the Dorado?
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    got bored the other day and this is what happened
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Sorry cool video or anything...just sharing what's been a real eye opener and a real pleasurable experience. My 66"/32# Falco Force Carbon D-Longbow came with no strike-plate and I had ordered it with the window cut to center...and have been shooting nothing but wood arrows off...
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    here is a video that i made on how to make carbons heavy. I have been shooting carbons this way for last 7 or 8 years and did the same with my aluminums before that. it works great, its cheap, and its the best method i hve found so far. Thought i would share it.
1-14 of 90 Results