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    I am looking at a set of 40# long limbs for my Samick Discovery and came on to these Tradtech Black Max 2.0. They had good reviews but I’m wondering is the carbon worth the extra money over the glass?
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    For sale like new GQ25 with Spigarelli ZT rest, Shibuya DX plunger, Gillo bare bow weight. W&W Carbon black max limbs makes a 66" bow 41-45 lb or so. I went on a bow buying spree and am letting some stuff go.
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    I imagine this question has been asked before, so apologies if it is a duplicate or has been discussed many times over. I have been bowhunting for about 35 years, 30 of those with a compound. I recently picked up an ILF recurve and have really enjoyed getting back into traditional. I also...
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    shrew vs new quick stick with carbon, which would you buy?
  5. Bows
    🎯FOR SALE: $1?-CentaurArchery Triple Carbon Elite Take-Down w/ Dark Matter Riser Listed on eBay as a 99 cent auction... I can't post links yet so search this item number in eBay to find it... Ebay item Id # 5338273189 ( This bow is in Pristine...
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    Does anybody make a 13" all Carbon ILF Riser?
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    Almost new 50# short carbon wood Tradtech limbs Galaxy Sear 17" ilf machined riser $300 riser/limbs Limbs only $200 Riser only $120 Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I am planning to revive my old "target" recurve I got almost 30 years ago. A Samick Mind 10, a run-of-the-mill bow similar to the later Sage. At that time, I was shooting 1716 aluminium arrows, that were quite well matched. Does anyone know a rough carbon arrow spine equivalent for 1716 ? I...
  9. Bows
    I have a set of Hoyt carbon limbs they are medium limbs 50lbs they are in great shape I payed 8some thing for them a couple years ago I’ll take 500.00
  10. Bows
    WNS Premium A Carbon Limbs - Maple Core - Medium - [email protected] on 25" riser or [email protected] on 17" riser $130 TYD add 3% if sending via PayPal with fees. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone have any experience with these limbs? Wanting to try foam cores and wondering if it’s worth it to buy these or save up some more to get something more expensive.
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    Anyone have thoughts on these 2 limbs? Price seems comparable new. Was going to look for some used pending comments here. Was thinking about a long 36lb limb on 25” riser for target. Then using same limb on 17” inch riser for hunting that would put it close to 45lb I think.
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    I'll start with the specs. I'm shooting a Spectra warf at 53lbs otf at my 31.5" draw. I've been shooting 2315s full length with 3x4" feathers and 75gr points. These shoot well and bareshaft correctly but appear to be right on the edge of what is tunable. A bit ago my string puffs disintegrated...
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    I don't like it and normally don't do it. I usually heat up the tip, twist and pull at the same time. Now, I've broken the thread from a glue in adaptor inside the insert. Any suggestions on getting the insert out without direct heat on the carbon? Bowmania
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    I was looking at Kegans carbon bows he just started making over at Omega(they look great.) When someone takes basically same bow design and switches it to carbon from fiberglass what is generally the performance gain?
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    Anyone have any experience with these LB limbs in XL length? I am looking for something that will perform well at 62" on my DX5 riser. I have some DAS Carbon/foam LB Longs that perform well, but find they start to stack before I reach my full draw of 29". Unfortunately not many suppliers for XL...
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    What's everyone's favorite carbon arrow for hunting and why? Value, durability, ect.
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    Those of you who have or had a Centuar, Carbon Elite, what's been your experience? Good or bad. Is it a bow you would recommend?
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    First off I apologize if this post isnt in the right category but wasn't sure where to post it. I have a set of hoyt formula series f4 short carbon limbs I'm looking to sell but not sure what they are worth. I dont wanna over charge and I dont wanna get ripped off either. Any help would be...
1-20 of 326 Results