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  1. Watering Hole
    I thought of this earlier this morning. My first car I bought with hard earned cash in 1968.....$110.00. 1961 Pontiac Tempest 4 door, 4 cylinder, factory 3 speed on the floor. Independent rear suspension got to me on a gravel rod corner.....wheel laid over, and it did not end well. It got...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Found this badge at a car boot sale this weekend. The Flur de leys and the leopards (yes they're leopards not lions) are embroidered with silver wire and the backing is silk... brought it for £1 .... .... for those unfamiliar with English history, it's the quartered armorial bearings (coat of...
  3. Watering Hole
    Just wanted to see if we had any drag racing or car guys here. Post up your pics and let us know what you have. Here's pic of my two. Camaro is street/strip single turbo 1000hp and the viper is a bolt on street car.
  4. Watering Hole
    Ok .... here's the deal ... You've just won a huge amount of money on your countries national lottery and you decide to buy the car of you're dreams .... so trawl the web for a picture of your fantasy car and lets see what your dreams are made of ...... Mine would be the 1968 Alfa Romeo T33...
  5. Watering Hole
    Viral ad, possibly fake, but a unique testimony. Sorry if this offends some, but I'm stil LMAO.
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    The ASA Team Realtree/Club Car Augusta Georgia ProAm will be held April 23-25. Anyone who is thinking of attending remember that the Traditional class shoots only at 8 am on Saturday and all 40 targets are shot that morning. This tournament series attracts some of the top recurve and longbow...
  7. Watering Hole
    I have been shopping for a car for my youngest son. He is grauating high school this year. Nothing to expencive. Just something to get him started and take to college. (there goes my archery money) GRRRR. Anyway I have found that the VIN number on the vehicle you decide to buy can be a...
  8. Watering Hole
    Does anybody else get these annoying automated calls on their cell phone saying "your extended warrenty is about to expire". Is there a way to stop them? Mark
  9. Watering Hole
    An Interesting tidbit where a hapless car thief drove a stolen auto into a farmfield and is subsequently is nabbed by a herd of irate wild boar. Don't mess with a boar W/O a bow in hand.
  10. Hunting Camp
    I thought it was funny :)
1-10 of 12 Results