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    Hey folks, This afternoon I had the pleasure of reassembling my bow after finishing my DIY camo job. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Initially my plan was to do a spray can hydro dip, but when it came to setting up and a test on an unimportant trinket, I couldn't figure out how to...
  2. Warfin' Wall
    George D. Stout has it for TRADE on LW swap n trade thread..... not warfed. looks good. trade for set of 35 or 40 pound Sage (or other similar) limbs heads up
  3. Miscellaneous
    Up for sale I have a real nice Columbia Rain Parka. This is a real nice piece of gear. This Parka has a removable puffy liner as well as a removable puffy hood. No rips, tears, holes, snags or stains. Lightly used. Non smoking home. Size Large. Vintage real tree camo. $150.00 shipped to...
  4. Bows
    Sell Camo DAS Tribute Just got this riser a week or two ago. I am coming back from my forth bow arm rotator cuff injury. I laid off shooting for two years. Just came back about a month ago. I like the riser but it is too much for my shoulder. I wanted a camo DAS but can't handle this one yet...
  5. Bow Projects
    Here is my $99 black hunter. One of the best longbows I’ve ever had. Rattle can rustoleum job makes it look even better. And a stildub string
  6. Bow Projects
    Wanted to share a camo job I did on my titan 3. I started with a base layer of tan. I then used flat green,brown, and black using burlap as a stencil. I’m not the first to do this so I take no credit. I followed up with a matte clear coat. Oh ya...we did the boys bow too....
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    Looking for ideas for DIY spray camo for a couple if you don't mind share your projects and maybe explain a bit how you went about it. thanks!!!
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    I have a white Hoyt Excel that I would like to get camo dipped. Can you recommend someone. I really like this little riser and would like to put together a hunting rig and white is way to bright for such uses. Thanks!
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    Tried some Allen limb wraps. They turned out better than I thought they would. It was easy to install and even quieted the string slap a little. I really like them so far. I will have to see how they hold up over time.
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    Hey everyone, Check out our YouTube Channel for our new video on how to camo spray paint a trad bow. If you have a bow that needs a facelift or you don't want to pay $150-$200 on film dipping, watch our new video on an easy cost effective way to camo a trad bow at home!! Also we review some...
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    Clearing out ALL of our Mathews Lost Camo dipped limbs. They are set with DAS bushings, but easy to convert to ILF bushings if you have an ILF riser and bushing (linked below if needed). We will even change them out before sending if you call in your order (still buying bushing separate) Below...
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    This year we upgraded our hunting gear from Cabelas wind proof gear to First Lite. I took the following to AK with me for our moose hunt. Corrugate Duraflex Guide Pant Allegheny 230g Merino Bottom Uncompahgre Puffy Vapor Storm lite Jacket (rain) North Branch Soft Shell Llano QZ Chama Hoody...
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    Hello everyone my name is Todd. I just joined here and was doing some searching for Border limb pictures preferably camo ones. I already own a CH but I like it so much that I'm ready to purchase another one or at least another set of limbs. Thank you for any and all assistance. :thankyou:
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    Alright Rick - as promised: Step 1- pick your target (WF19 Riser - TT Black Max Limbs - Stabilizer - Selway Quiver)
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    Does anyone know the process that David used to do the camo on his limbs? I know it had a few different steps. Any idea what he used for the digital portion? Was it some kind of screen? Thanks, Chris.
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    Thought you guys and girls might wanted to take a closer look at the camo job that the guys at CD Archery did on my new WF19 riser.
  17. Bow Projects
    Latest project... Trying some new glass techniques...
  18. Hunting Camp
    I don't like to buy hunting outer wear with any insulation because I layer and want maximum flexibility. I am having trouble finding a very thin, quiet, set of outer wear that is waterproof and breathable (goretex or similar membrane). Just a nice shell. All I usually find are jackets/pants...
  19. Hunting Camp
    So as not to further rat-hole the ASAT discussion elsewhere... How many remember all the great old camo of the past? The stuff that was all the berries back when you started hunting, and has now dropped out of the market. Remember all those 'army' patterns? 'Tiger Stripe' and 'WWII'? First...
  20. TradTalk Main Forum The rabbit, deer, elk, and moose are what color? Brown....Exactly! If green were such a good camo color the good lord would have made these animals green. The next time you're in a sporting goods store look at the clothing racks, what color are the hunting clothes? So if...