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  1. Camera Land
    Hawke Trail Camera Sale Selectable resolution for photos and video Infrared LEDs to capture images and videos at night Display screen to edit settings in the field Wide angle PIR sensor (motion detector) Burst, time-lapse, time delay and duty time modes Date, time, temperature and moon phase...
  2. Trail Cams
    takes really good night time pictures. What would you guys recommend Is infrared the way to go or not Thanks guys
  3. Hunting Camp
    I'm having fun with my GoPro knock off SJ Cam mounted on my bow so I'll post clips here. To start off here's a short video from yesterday AM. This buck is following the estrus doe scent trail I laid down (but he's not going the way I figured!). When it starts he is directly down wind but...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Elk are out there feeding, as of now.. Big bull..5X5? Bugling - in full rut..
  5. Trail Cams
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  6. Trail Cams
    Had my camera out over a spring here's the first image on the camera. Nice color bear. There was also a smaller blck phase the next day. Then these 3 guys came through at different times. Wish I'd drawn an elk tag. Stubby 6X6 A 6X5 And a nice 6X6 There also were several mule...
  7. Trail Cams
    Cheap and easy to build trail cam mount - Since I've had the plastic loops for the strap torn off a few cameras, this looks like an ideal replacement, with the added feature of easy adjustment.
  8. Trail Cams
    heard a bull bugle this morning while riding a brush pasture. rode in that direction and saw this goober. the drought has driven them down the creeks from the hills.
  9. Trail Cams
    hello all, Has anyone tried one of those wifi trail cams that sends photos to your phone. The concept sound intriguing. I'd like to get one just for experimenting.
  10. Trail Cams
    My first trail camera, thanks Dave Holquist for advice.
  11. Trail Cams
    * these are a couple bull elk that I got on my trail cam. I was pretty excited.
  12. Trail Cams
    best buddy is supposed to leave today for his draw hunt at Catoosa WMA. 4 point to a side or better muzzle loader hunt. yesterday afternoon, he rushed home from work to load his gear, then checked a new camera he has literally behind his house to see if his local 5 pointer was still hanging...
  13. Trail Cams
    hi there - Looking for a trail cam. Which one is around the $100. mark that is good solid quality. Plenty of rain for it to contend with. thanks
  14. Trail Cams
    or maybe even a zero level class - I know nothing about trail cams but would really like to set one out on an elk water hole and see what happens. What I would like to find out (without buying several first) is what to look for in a camera. What brands/models seem to work best. And what do you...
  15. Trail Cams
    There's nothing I hate more than checking the cams and finding that they have misfired and filled up my cards with nothing more than landscape pictures taken every three minutes.
  16. Trail Cams
    heres a few from the weekend. new camera and seams to be doing pretty good.
  17. Trail Cams
    Thought I'd share how I camo my trail cams.
  18. Trail Cams
    Duplicate post, my bad. Admin/mod delete please & thanks.
1-20 of 35 Results