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    . . . the last time I lived in California it was on Catalina Island . . . . . . catch you on the turnaround (in the Bay Area) . . . regards & tight strings, John
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    As fire becomes more and more a part of the Southern California archer's life, it is important to keep safety at the top of your mind. Just like rising ocean levels, fires can be a nuisance, but they do not have to get in the way of your enjoyment of the sport. Most importantly, keep in mind...
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    Hello there, I took the Rod Jenkins class (excellent!). I shoot recurves off the shelf and longbows. I would like something a little longer and possibly 1 on 1. I'm willing to fly to it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Hi folks , Its almost that time again. This years clinic with Rod Jenkins will be on Oct.22-23 2016.If you have missed the last few years and have heard about this great clinic, now is your time. We will be having this years clinic at Lodi Bowman range. The range is located at 2557 Buena vista...
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    one last question before i disappear for a while trying to implement the tips i have received as far as my form goes. i have been trying to find what the minimum weight for bow hunting in california is. i have been told locally that it is 40lbs but i do not see that actually stated anywhere in...
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    What's your favorite shoots coming up
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    So I am starting to get a bit better at 3D...well maybe. Then I looked at what it takes to shoot 3D well, in my area. Our shots are frequently long. And sometimes the targets are small for the distance. I had some good shots last weekend that were 10 quality, but I scored 5. I keep hearing...
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    Yes, less than 2 weeks away. We are going to have a great clinic. As most know this clinic has filled but one of those that had booked for the clinic has to back out due to personal issues. We now have a opening if you did not make it in now is your chance. If you would like contact me for...
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    Yes, Legends Bows with Don Barkley will be hosting another Rod Jenkins clinic Nov.14,15 2015. Two full days of great instruction from one of the worlds greatest coaches for $250. If you have been wanting to get into one of Rods clinics now is the time. For information contact Mike Rash at...
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    I am in So-Cal for the week. Anything cool archery related to do during the evenings? I don't have a bow with me, but wouldn't mind checking out a few clubs. I've been to HiTech Archery in Fullerton the last time I was here, so that was cool to get to handle all the Hoyt risers and such. Let...
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    Hello everyone. The IBO weekends are almost here. Yes, weekends. The weekend of April 11,12, 2015 is the IBO open (compound, recurve, longbow, crossbow) Traditional shooters can shoot this weekend too. Limited traditional classes. Weekend of April 17-19 2015 is the West Coast IBO Traditional...
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    I was helping clean up our range, Santa Cruz Archers, two weeks ago when I noticed green Meter stakes as well as red, white, and yellow Nfaa Yardage markers. I then remembered that Santa Cruz had hosted the USA fita field championships back in the 80s or so. I talked to several of the club...
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    That's right everyone, its only a little over a month away. (April 17-19 2015) The host club Orestimba Field Archers has done a lot of grounds preparation and the new Rinehart 3d targets will be here the week before the event. We have a great awards package for both the IBO Traditional...
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    Rod Jenkins clinic coming to California(UPDATE)!!!! Yep, that's right. Rod will be here Oct. 11,12,2014. I have 3 openings left. If you have always wanted to attend one of Rods clinics now is your chance. For info contact me at 209-852-2475 or [email protected] Mike
  15. Hunting Camp
    I am thinking of starting deer season on the coast. Any advise on location would be greatly appreciated. Rasyad
1-15 of 35 Results