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    I dont know if anybody else has done this or something similar Today during practice I deliberately shot on the wrong crawls i.e at 25yards distance I shot on 20yard and 30yard crawls, what I found was about 4" high/low from the correct crawl distance (WA3D max is 33 yards), this equates to me...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Looking for a for good string buildre as I need a endless loop 12-14 strand fast flight string for my new extreme BF limbs. better yet, for a recurve which is better a flemish twist or and endess loop or is it personnal preference? Thanks Mike
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    Greetings! I am trying to find the builder of these[email protected]/with/5463211289/ arrows. They're POC shafts, and I believe that is his most common cresting pattern. I've found his website in the past, but am failing miserably this time. I know he's located in one...
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    hi, iv been doing a lot of home work on forging, and have banged on some metal. stilld ont have all the proper tools for forging but one day at a time. So in doing so, iv been reading on sand casting. I want to build some knifes and want to try and build most of the stuff my self for them...
1-4 of 5 Results