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    Hi. I'm putting together some Easton Hexx's for full length Magnus Bullheads. When I spin test the bare shafts, one end is better the the other. Which end should be for nock? Which end for insert? I tried to find some arrow culling articles, but all the info was assuming you would cut the...
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    So after some time screwing around with bare shaft tuning and sorting out some form issues I have 31 inch 340s with 14 grain inserts and 250 grain points tuning up awesome. My issue here is total arrow weight. 560 grains. I really would like to bump that weight up a good bit. Gpi on my gt hunter...
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    Anyone else's experience like this? I finally get my shooting form down, its a repeatable sequence and its working, arrows going where I want them to. OK, its taken 3 years, but now I've got it! Couple of days later, pick up the bow, painstakingly go through the sequence ...whoosh arrow goes...
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    Taking the plunge into ILF. I happened to come across a pre-owned riser I like. SF Forged plus in matte grey. Now I need to figure out limbs. I'll be setting this up with a plunger and magnetic rest. Debating between economy limbs like kaya k2, TT black max, or W&W Black Elk; or just spending...
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    Picked up some tribute plates and a nice chunk of Fortal HR off winter project is here! Bottom weighted and geometry like the elite but a more linear riser shape for easier machining on a handcrank mill. Should be a learning experience:brickwall: . suggestions welcome.
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    . . . something I put off for an overly long time : a “classic” Mughal thumb ring . . . It’s made of Quebracho wood (otherwise known as the “axebreaker” wood), and finished of Tung oil & beeswax . Next stop . . . tomorrow I try it out & adjust for string clearance ! It feels good already...
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    Does anyone on here have capability and equipment to convert a Hoyt Ram Hunter to accept ILF limbs?!
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    What do you guys use? If my nocks are to loose I use dental floss but it doesn't last to long before it gets frizzy.
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    Hi all, I've been lingering on this forum for a few weeks reading many posts and taking in a lot of great info. I'm still a little unsure of one thing with my build, however and that's why I'm reaching out to you now. I bought a 50 year old recurve bow I found at a thrift store a few months...
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    At one time, I had some photos of a jig-setup to make ILF wedges and I can't find them. Could someone send me a link about making the ILF wedges. Thanks and Merry Christmas
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    Hey all, I have a Morrison 17" ILF Aluminum riser with SHORT KAP limbs on it. Last week I was tired of fooling with it and trying to find what was causing the noise so I took off the Centerest Flipper rest, the single brass pin sight pin with bracket and I checked to make sure I have teflon...
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    Look for The Longbow Theory
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    Hi, and thanks for the add. I started out with a recurve that I was told was to small for me, so I weighed the options and decided to build a bow since most of my friends have. I made a bamboo backed hickory reflex deflex. Now that I have been tillering, when I put a string to further my process...
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    What's up guys.... As some of you may know. I have my first WARF on the way. It is a Hoyt Spectra with TT black max med limbs. Supposed to be around 40# at 28" (which is my dl)... So i am looking for some help picking an arrow for this setup. It will be used only for hunting. I am wanting to get...
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    question regarding an ILF riser build. laying out a 19 in laminated maple riser for an ILF bow. specifics: 1/4 in maple laminations glued with titebond 2 inches wide, 2&1/2 deep at the arrow pass, 1&3/4 wide the length of the riser even at the limb...
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    I posted this on another thread and thought this build along might be interest to other warfers as it has a unique concept. "I did a unique warf job on my Rambo riser. I did the 1/8 plates as normal with the cutout for the ILF dovetail. But instead of epoxying them down or JB weld or screws, I...
1-16 of 81 Results