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  1. Camp Kitchen
    Fired up the grill this morning with a modest amount of lump charcoal to toast up a package of Andouille Cajun Sausage.... and topped it off with a slice of melted Muenster cheese.... proving that sometimes? low is living large! :lol: ;)
  2. Hunting Camp
    Cant keep these Bulls off my mind. Nice cool Tenn morning and breafast outdoors. The sweet smell of tobacco smoke drifting on the morning air tells me we are close D day. Where are you all going chase em?
  3. Camp Kitchen
    The wife has been pretty sick for about 2 years now so when she thinks she can eat i go to the kitchen. Rather be hunting - oh well Menu: Grilled Ham Eggs Grits Juice and Coffee
  4. Camp Kitchen
    pork and fried egg over rice and some slightly pickled veggies are a saturday a.m. treat for me!
  5. Camp Kitchen
    All of the moose camp fellas got together today to make sausage and did it come out YUMMY.. Here's a few pics of the day....we ended up doing 200 pounds worth and have anothr 100 for tomorrow to do....Peperoni and more breakfast sausage tomorrow.
  6. Camp Kitchen
    fry a few pieces of venison tenderloin in butter w/onion salt on it. set aside & scramble eggs in same, uncleaned skillet. fix buttered toast & stack it all up! (mallard or Wood duck breasts can be substituted if your bow season went like mine) heart attack special! scummer
  7. Hunting Camp
    What do you eat the morning of the hunt???? A. Big breakfast with all the trimmings B. Just "Grits and eggs" C. Toast and coffee D. Who has time for breakfast when there are deer out there??? Seriously folks, what DO you normally have the morning before the hunt????
1-7 of 11 Results