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    Haven't been at this long but I've been fortunate (lucky) enough to find a few acorns hid in the woods. In the triangle the bow on the left is a Naki (one of 5) Bow on the bottom is a 17 inch prototype Bow on the right is a Gen 1 Also have a 3 Rivers 21 inch camo Dalaa, it doesn't really count.
  2. Hunting Camp
    Hey boys help me out ah little here. What the heck is the difference between Instinctive and ponting ?? I thought instinctive was just pointing ??? Are we gonna start defining it to the point where we have to decided if ah feller throws a ball we got ta know if he heaved, it pitched it, threw...
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    I won't comment on the safety side, and I don't know how many takes it took to get it but.......impressive shots!
  4. Hunting Camp
    This is what happens.....until I am able....I propose a ban on Ga. hunters in score.....6 1/2 years old.....also since I am not shooting wheels now (notice I did not say anymore) there also should be some sort of guys know I am joking....a friend of...
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    I shot with my 3 boys this morning. They exhibited interest and good form, both of which make me smile!
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    The pictures tell the tale. There was stalking and shooting and hitting and even some missing.
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    My wife and my boys set up a treasure hunt for my birthday. I followed the clues to Mr. Delta Coyote. Yesterday I came home a bit early to break him in.
  8. Watering Hole
    It was a dang good time. Fishing poles and pistols were standard fare. My nephew caught his first fish (I think) ... My youngest got the little old man look going: But he did his share of hard fishing ...
  9. Faith and Fellowship
    In two threads, set several weeks apart, I mentioned that both my boys made a choice to surrender their young lives to God's service. Here's a link to those threads: Boy_meets_God Double_Baptism Well, this weekend we got it done. Standing in a limestone bottom creek, surrounded by close...
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    For those of us that have been here for a while, we've seen the evolution and the development of two, not dissimular bows, ie, The Warf, and Dave's excellent DAS Kinetic. The popular concensus from this, and, many other archery forums seems to be that these bows are something very special. So...
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    Hey all you DASHOLES had better quit bad mouthing my Schafers!!LOL I am gonna send TJ the ape over and have him short draw one of those 90lb bows just to show you it can be done! Really I am absolutly impressed with the DAS bow and just thought it would be fun to ras you guys a little since...
  12. Watering Hole
    This is a follow up to the other thread ( Here, my youngest competes with his daddy:
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm baaaaaack..... I picked up a nasty virus on my 'puter and just got it out of intensive care.... Newsflash! I've just introduced a good buddy to the world of archery!!!!! Sorry to say, he was lured to the "dark side" and found someone willing to GIVE him an older wheelie bow! I...
  14. Faith and Fellowship
    I thought it might be good to have a place to talk about the unique challenges and opportunities presented by raising sons. I have three boys myself, and our society is not a nice place to be a boy these days. This world God made, however, is a great place to be a boy! One of the best books...
21-34 of 36 Results