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    TAS Bowhunter World Championship and Regionals 3-D Schedule 2021.
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    TAS put together a committee made up of shooters to discuss the new date for the 2020 TAS Bowhunter World Championship. The championship has been held every year on Memorial Day weekend which is in late May. The May date is much too early as some states and countries will be just starting to...
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    Just wanted to let everybody know that we at Baltimore Bowmen have added a shoot August 25th and 26th. 60 Rinehart targets . Saturday 7 am till 6 pm. Sunday 7 am to 2 pm. $20 for Saturday and $15 for Sunday. camping is free. we had so much rain at traditional classic, we thought we should have...
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    I've read that the average distance that a traditional bowhunter successfully shoots game is about 56 feet. My average would be less than that, but 56 feet or 18 yards sounds reasonable. I thought it would be interesting to apply some of the speed numbers that have been the subject of...
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 70 of The Push Podcast. Imagine yourself as a Dyed In The Wool Traditional Bowhunter who's passion lies in wooden recurves and longbows... (hard to imagine right? Haha 😉) - Now imagine that you decide to dabble in competitive Barebow archery for a few...
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    Just finished up with the 2018 NW Bowhunter Classic. Great 2 day shoot with family and friends. This is a tough shoot for a trad bow, and it can be very humbling. Shots are from 5 yards to 57 yards. Anyone else attend any shoots this weekend?
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    Hey everyone! Check out Episode 40 of The Push Podcast. In this episode we talk about controlled shot processes on game animals using Matt's recent successes and failures in the field. We are also joined by first year traditional bowhunter Ryan Vero to discuss his traditional archery journey...
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    Thought I would let people know about the Wapiti Bowmen-Lebanon Or. Safari. If you shoot BH, BB or Traditional, this shoot is a great way to meet others and also some of the best finger and non-sighted archers in the West. I am including a link and I hope it works. If we can get a head count...
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    I hope that the news I received on the internet is not correct. I received a notification that one of my old staples, "traditional bowhunter" was going to be available on in a digital format. can anybody verify? :(
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    This past weekend, T.A.S. held its 3rd annual Traditional Bowhunter World Championship. The weekend was filled with competition, camaraderie, and most importantly - lots of fun. Archers and Bowhunters from cubs to adults enjoyed their time on and off the range. Many said they shot more arrows...
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    Everyone is welcome! March 31, April 1, 2, 2017 Farmland Conservation Club, Winchester, Indiana
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    I'd like to suggest that you guys that don't take Traditional Bowhunter Magazine might want to at least pick up a copy of the April/May 2017 issue. Our own Jason Wesbrock has begun his part of a shared column "Shooting"....and has started off with an excellent piece IMO!
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    Take the time for a great read in Trad BH magazine by Jason Wesbrock, well said Jason!
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    Trad bowhunter magazine form the first edition to 2004. Issue one is available,,,,,,make an offer
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    For those not a fan of 3Rivers Archery Facebook page I extend to you the giveaway that we are currently running on Facebook. 3Rivers Archery and Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine are giving away three different prizes. One fan will win a one-year subscription to Traditional Bowhunter® Magazine...
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    There's some funny stuff in here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rainbow Bowmen's 35th annual bohunter weekend Sept 6th and 7th 42 3d animals $10 adult spouse and childre under 18 $ address 1205 Baker road Franklin Pa 16323
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    Hi, I've shot IFAA Bowhunter Recurve style in local competitions. What is the most comparable style in World Archery 3D competitions? Links or photos appreciated. :) Regards, James.
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    Anybody going? I'll be there hawking cresters. Yes, it's not a "trad" show but there are some trad bowyers and from what I have seen on then vendor list more than last year. BUT it is a BOWHUNTING show so it has all of the hunting stuff you want to check out. I saw some cool things for...
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    Hi, Is any one planning on attending the European Bowhunter Championships in Confolens (France) later this year? This is the website: I'm seriously thinking of attending ... any advice on the IFAA format? I've only ever shot at 'local' 3D's in Ireland and I thought this...