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    For the last 2 days I have been experimenting with stringwalking and all I can say is Wow! My group sizes have shrunk to at least half of what they were at all yardages. I am most excited because it is showing me that my form while not perfect is repeatable. I can't wait for the next 3D shoot I...
  2. Political Soapbox
    Anybody see this - about the 'time bomb in 'Obamacare' that will make it financially impossible to implement. Courtesy of the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roberts. ( A far sneakier guy that many gave him credit for! )...
  3. Hunting Camp
    I have 5 -35mm film canisters with cotton in them and clothespins attached. Here is my questions.... 1) How much scent do I add to them? 1-2 drops, totally soak it? 2) Where should the be placed stragigically? I am putting one directly under my stand, but what about the others? Thank you...
  4. Political Soapbox
    Claim it was revenge for all of the Taliban leaders killed by American troops of late. Time to turn the heat up on them everywhere.
  5. Political Soapbox
    Excerpt from a book on nuclear proliferation, and the ongoing threat of terrorism. Scary $hit.
  6. Political Soapbox
    If they're crazy enough to try this, I surrender! I'm taking the train!
  7. Political Soapbox
    Considering,,casualty this guy had an explosive incendiary maxi pad wrapped around his nuts, do you think when he attempted to detonate it, and all he got was fire cracker pops and flames, at that moment !! He must have realized the only thing he had done was lite his own nut's on fire?? WOW...
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    While getting together some stuff to redo some arrows I came across some CX bull dog collars I had set aside. I prefer G nocks on my carbons and so had not used them. It occurred to me that if you used those in conjunction with G nock uni bushings it cold make a really reinforced nock area...
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    Just finished resurfacing some "no pinch" tabs with some of PB's cordovan and it's fantastic! Nice slick, doesn't groove...great stuff...just redid a couple rests with it too... If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it... Question...I'd like to resurface some Saunder's Pac tabs with it...