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    For sale or trade Bob lee p3 stabilock black hawk 66” 53#s at 32”. The limbs are white oak burl it is used with nicks on the front of the riser and some nicks on the limbs. It was purchased Aug. 2018. $1000.00 tyd You can pm me or text me for photos. 9405800387
  2. Bows
    Looking for a 17-19" riser, 60-62" AMO, RH, recurve in 40-45# range. Let me know what you have to offer.
  3. Bows
    For sale or trade, Bob Lee heavyweight. 58" bow, 19" riser, [email protected] In overall decent shape, a couple minor cosmetic dings from hunting use. $600 tyd. Would consider trades with potential for cash either way of other similar spec takedowns, especially ILF (riser and/or limbs bonus points for CD...
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    As of late, thinking of possibly getting a Bob Lee and wondeing if anyone has had any experience with both a 17" & 19" riser. I understand that the 17" has a slightly smaller grip so I was just looking for some opinions. I have always favored grips that arent blocky or too large in the throat...
  5. Bows
    For Sale: Bob Lee [email protected] Stabilock limbs makes a 60" bow on 19" riser. 2 small scratches on lower limb that do not affect performance. Will include 2 Bob Lee strings. $450 OBO TYD US only PayPal preferred Pm me with any questions or text me Seven24-Two55-2Zero57 Sent from my SM-G965U using...
  6. Archery Accessories
    For Sale [email protected] makes a 60" bow on a 19" riser. Bottom limb has 2 small scratches which don't affect performance. Will include 2 Bob Lee strings. Asking $450 TYD PayPal preferred. Pm me with any questions Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    got some extra change floating around what are your thoughts of both?
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    I think I'm getting addicted to archery (traditional in particular) after almost 2 months trying to learn it. And I'm now set on getting a step-up from my current Samick Discovery. I also want to learn to shoot off the shelf whatever it takes. I'm currently torn between the Hoyt Satori (21")...
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    I'm looking at purchasing a bob lee recurve abyss 66 or 64in. With either the 19in or 23in riser. What are yalls opinions. As for a better power stroke. I'm 6'6 32in. Draw. Longer riser med limbs or 19in riser with xl limbs
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    Talked to him this evening and wanted to let Larry and Steve know he is doing great! No more archery for him since he lost vision in his left eye, fell on the ice last year and tore his left rotator cuff but had surgery and is doing fine. He said to say Hello to everyone and is shooting his...
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    Just received my Bob Lee Abyss 56"-46#@27. Took it right out of the box and strung it up w/3 twist and first shot from 18 paces hit dead center on the Rhino 18 target, place 3 more w/in the yellow also. The micarta riser has enough mass to control my nerve shakes and the bow is very quiet...
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    any pic s of long bows
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    I've got Rambo incoming and was thinking of doing something with the bolts and bezels. Does anyone what what thread size and length are the limb bolts used on a Bob Gordon Rambo WARF?
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    I haven't been to Bob's site for a while and FINALLY he now has a decent looking site :) Some new pics and info... looks like there's more to come.
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    The search continues for my next bow and I'm very disappointed in the lead times on a lot of these big name bowyers. I mean awesome they are making money but I'd love to have a new bow for September! I saw Bob Lee has a lot shorter lead than a lot of other companies and it seems he specializes...
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    Please help to find my friend Bob Davis !!! I am Hannes Petak, from Austria and i search for more than twenty years for my friend Bob Davis. He was, is a compassionate Archer with his beloved OK - Bow from Germany. He was born in South Carolina, and for a long time he lived in Europe, Germany...
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    I was wondering if anyone has information about all the different Wing Archery labels. I'm curious about one that says Wing Archery Swift Wing, and then says 314 So. 7th street, Houston 36, Texas. Obviously this is pre Head SKi, right? Ive just never seen one like this. Its either a sticker or...
  18. Watering Hole
    Bob Dylan has been awarded a Nobel prize for Literature. He received the prize "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition". Congratulations Bob ... very well deserved.
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    Have an opportunity to get one of these. Wondering from those who have shot both the pluses and minuses of both since i wont be able to shoot them and just have to pull the trigger on one or the other.
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    Anyone hear from Mr. Morrison lately? I've tried calling him and his number is not in service. I sent him an email last week and haven't heard back. I hope all is well. Kindly, Tulku (Joshua)