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    Hi all Have been getting into practicing shooting spots with my wooden arrows NFAA 300 rounds. I've noticed my scores are not as good as carbons (217 vs 230 PB). It's great fun and gives me some focus to jut shooting randomly in my yard. Is this normal and what are people's experience?
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    Could use a little help here folks...we got a "Family Union Thanksgiving" sort of thing coming up where our entire family from all sides has rented out some of those Mansion Cabins in "Blue Ridge" and? sister in-law just notified me that two of my brother in-laws wanna get in the hunting...
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    I finally found a place to shoot down here in NC, but they don't have the single spot 300 round target so I'd like to order some. Any recommendations as to where from?
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    I started working on a shooting rig/arrow combo for Winter Spot league this past week...This feeble effort has been both humbling, and educational so far...The thread title says it all, in a nutshell...;)...Still tinkering with a fixed crawl, or long heavy arrows...And trying to decide what...
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    Big Blue ~ First major project on the archery side for things. Since my stroke. ~ 6" x 48" x 5' 6" ~ stuffing: rock wool ~ double ply blue tarp, more or less water proof ~ up to 40 meters distance Works sweet. Right compression of padding rock wool. Salskov
  6. Watering Hole
    I have played almost exclusively traditional blues guitar for many years. My particular interest being the music that originated in the Mississippi Delta played by folks such as Charley Patton, Son House and Robert Johnson. Now I just picked up the square neck resonator on the left (played lap...
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    Our club no longer is a member of our SANIFAA (your IFAA). We now belong to SANAA (World Archery) As a result we now shoot the colored targets, these seem a lot harder for me than the blue face. The lighting in our club is not the best so maybe that is why, what with my aging eye sight! I have...
  8. Warfin' Wall
    I have one of these risers. Can it be warfed, either ILF or DAS? Thanks Mike
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    I have never cut a blue streak, just curious if anyone could give me an approximation to how much weight I would have to add to compensate for one inch off the front of full length 250's? Doug
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    The Rooster will recognize this riser... Heck I think he recognizes half of the equipment on TT as "used to be his". :0) Anyhow I never shot this riser much, we just never got along. I always had an idea to "fat'n" it up though. Fill those two bottom holes with lead, etc. Maybe making it more...
  11. Camp Kitchen
    Just got back from visiting my folks in Groton Connecticut. Gronton is located right on the CT/RI border on any given day we would fish Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island. Blue Crabs are caught at night in the cove using dip nets and head lamps - the right tide didn't come until the end of...
  12. Watering Hole
    UK made it to the Championship against Kansas or OSU That game will be starting here in a few minutes!!! I am hopeful that OSU plays UK in the national Championship!!! Liam
  13. Watering Hole
    A young cowboy from Montana goes off to college. Half way through the semester, having foolishly squandered all his money, he calls home. "Dad," he says, "You won't believe what modern education is developing! They actually have a program here in Missoula that will teach our dog, Ole' Blue how...
  14. Camp Kitchen
    Was added to our hamburgers before hitting the grill and it was a very good thing.
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    Just throwing this out there. I have tried a few different arrows this year. I recently tried the Maxima Blue Streak Selects (250/400). I was using CT Cheetahs briefly. The Maximas are obviously a little heavier over a 32" shaft so I expected them naturally to be slower through the chrono...
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    Hi, For target shooting which one is better? I want low price arrows for informal competing. I can get both at almost the same price and Platinum cost 1.4 more. Thanks Martin
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    It is strange the way things turn out. A great day in the Dhann forest in central Germany last summer, I found myself shooting in the IFAA world field championships in the wooden arrow longbow class for team USA. I had the pleasure of shooting with the German bowhunter champion and bowyer Thomas...
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    We just posted extra savings on Orion curves and longbows with the '09 riser pattern. Orion 3 pc Recurve, 17 inch riser - Osage/Cocobolo riser and cocobolo tips. Tonkin Bamboo limbs, canary veneers and clear glass. 62" nock to nock, 59#'s @ 28" "Extra Savings 11/27 only" NOW ONLY $495.00...
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    She is finally done!! The new owner got the first set of pics. I cant than Bob Gordon enough for donating the TD-3 Riser. Also to thank is the gentleman that donated the DAS thumbscrews and bushings, as well as the gentlman that donated the limb pads. Actually I want to thank everyone here. If...
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    Has anyone ever tried this stuff to make a rubberized grip for a metal riser? I ran across this stuff in TRUE VALUE and thought it may just be what I need to convince me to get a QUINN bow,I would like a QUINN but the thought of holding that metal riser in the cold weather has held me up.Comes...