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    Hi, Been lurking for a while, and have received a lot of help from this forum! I've searched here and elsewhere, and can't find any info... I know (from reading posts here) that elevated rests were popular as early as the 50's and 60's. I also know that feather rests were (probably) the...
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    Astro Blazer Warf? I was wondering if an Astro Blazer would make a good warf? Thanks
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    I'm going to set up one of my bows to shoot vanes, have always liked Blazers with my compound, but just wondering if there is something a little better, maybe a little lower profile or lighter than the 2" Blazers. This will be a hunting bow shooting broadheads. Thanks Gunner
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    I want to experiment a little bit with these vanes. But I have a question or two. Do you mount them straight or is offset better? Are you using them on your hunting setups? If so what brand of broadhead seems to work the best for you. Thanks Fellas, steve
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    I have got a Quinn Stingray sitting in my closet and I need to pull her out and start shooting her again. I have been thinking about using Blazer vanes. Has anyone used blazers off a quinn? Any tips/suggestions? What rest did you use? Thanks 4B
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    i know, i know. another thread about vanes. i understand many have had problems with clearance of the standard blazer vanes. has anybody tried the x2 version (lower profile) version? feedback please. anybody use the plastifletch max? feedback please. thanks-
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    i found a real good deal on a Hoyt Dorado. I plan on sending it to Sam after the season to get it converted to ILF. I want to try and shoot arrows using Blazers after i get it back. I am planning on a NAP Centerest w/ Flipper or a 3 Rivers Shorty Plunger and an AAE Hunter rest. Will the...
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    Who shoots Blazer vanes for the guys shooting them are you shooting 3 or 4 fletch?
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    Anyone ever shot one or the other of these with broadheads. What are your opinions? Any tuning problems? Thanks. Tony
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    I fletched up some arrows with Bohning 2" Blazer vanes today. Wow. When I fletched them cock vane up (tried cock vane in as well, but I got some interference) they cleared my rest/plunger setup very well. In fact, I don't think there was any interference! If there was it had to be with the shelf...
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    These are the short 1.5" or 2.0" long high profile vanes that have been advertised alot in the last year. I have been checking these vanes out but haven't heard much about them from recurve shooters although compound shooters think they are great. I did see one guy shooting them off a recurve...
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    Has anyone tried Blazer vanes on their hunting rigs? I really liked using them on wheel bows, just wondering if they will stabilize a BH out of a trad bow with an elevated rest.
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    I was watching that Simms bowhunting show(American Archer?), and they advertize Blazer anes that I think are made by Bohning. They say that they are good for using fix blade broadheads. But they look very, very small. If I go to an elevated rest, I may try one (you can call for a free...
1-13 of 13 Results