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    I just got a handful for Bear Razorheads (the yellowish-green ones) and I’m excited to use them for next season but I noticed the bleeder blades are quite thin. For all of you who have used them for hunting what kind of durability should I expect out of the bleeder blades?
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    Of course, bleeder blades add a little cutting surface length to a broadhead, but how much actual practical difference do you think that really makes in hunting , in comparison to the 2-blade version of the same broadhead (say, to pick one example, the 4-blade version and the 2-blade version of...
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    I shoot 40# recurve for whitetails and typically use two blade heads. I just ordered some Dirtnap DRT HD heads which resemble silver flame heads with bleeder blades. Now I am thinking, "Will the bleeder blades hinder penetration?" Let me know what you think if the bleeder blades will hinder...
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    Guess I haven't been here in awhile. I had shoulder rotator cuff surgery in June and just now starting to shoot a 40# bow and forging again. A few years ago I picked up two Damascus billets from the Alabama Damascus scrap pile at the BladeShow. I threw them in my throw away blade box and...
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    I just sent an email to Ron to see if he had figured out a system to sharpen the Simmons Sharks.....was a problem before with what he had. He told me a long time ago they were working on one......they have it done now. Jer
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    Hi. I shoot 50# recurve and my draw length is 26". I'm trying to pick the right broadhead. Should I get 2 blade, 3 blade or 4 blade? Thanks.
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    I just got a bunch of old Bear greenie Razorheads- the main blade edges are rusty but I can take care of that with a mill file and whetstone. But how do you sharpen those little removable bleeder blades? thanks.
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    Razorcaps, Montecs, Snuffer SS. I have used stones, a diamond "stone", sandpaper, leather. Not in that order per say, just thats what I've tried. Can I expect to actually shave hair, because it aint happening. Is it just too steep an angle or what? Points are needle sharp and take no effort to...
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    Greetings all TTer's: Can someone give me some tips on mounting the bleeder blades into some Magnus I, 150-grain monsters? These heads are going onto some 11/32" wood shafts, gluing into the 5 degree taper. There are no "detent" grooves on the head itself to capture the bleeder blades, like...
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    Just started using muzzy 100 gr, got sold on the idea of a great tip that punches thru target first, then cuts, they fly superbly from my LB, however I just found out the replacement blades are 2/3rds the cost of complete broadhead, not cost-effective to...
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    Here's an idea. I wonder is muzzy practice blades would work on turkey. This would cut a big hole and probably retard penetration to keep the arrow in the bird. Any reactions? Seth
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    Since we have the Sharpening article, was wondering if anyone might have a quick easy way to sharpen the 3 bladed Bodkins. I can get Snuffers very sharp with a file -- put them in a vise and run the file flat on 2 blades and rotate till all edges are sharp. I have tried Wensel Woodsmans and I...
1-12 of 14 Results