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    Is Blacky Schwarz still doing bow reviews? If so, where are they published? Are Blacky's past reports published anywhere that's accessible to the general public? I found a website dating from about 2014 which had a few of his past reports, but the vast majority weren't there. Thanks!
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    Just curious what is going on with Blacky if anyone knows. For the last several years, I have seen few if any bow reports published. Has he stopped testing. For some years TBM had his test pretty regularly. I looked at his online sites... nothing recent.
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    some folks said they would like to hear Blacky's opinion on the Border CH So I asked him :) E All kidding aside with out Blacky's test equipment he can only tell so much But what he could tell is that he liked it :)
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    Without going into details I just wanted to say a huge thanks to Blacky for his level of service. Every company has issues both big and small, it's how they're dealt with that matters. The communication and after sales service from Blacky was outstanding, above and beyond anything he needed to...
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    I am very fortunate to have Blacky as a house guest this weekend Last nights we went for an airboat ride and than to dinner Here he is posing for a pic with my old lady :) Today we did some shooting and discussed the new Apex point from TOPHAT Archery that Lancaster Archery will soon be...
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    ...the 60" limbs. Those limbs were the fastest limbs of the four sets PSA X Bocote limbs, that I tested. I tested four sets of PSA X limbs from 56" to 62". They were all shot at the same brace height of 8 1/2" and with the original 14 strand Dyna 97 strings that BW supplies with the bows. No...
1-6 of 6 Results