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    Anyone have any experience shooting a bison with a recurve? what draw weight did you use and how close did you get? I have an oppertunity to hunt/kill a meat bull and I was thinking about use my recurve. Thanks
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    Anyone ever kill a bison with trad equipment? I am building my preference points for the Custer Park bison hunt in South Dakota. Any first hand experience would be great on a good setup. I was thinking 55# with a 600+ grain arrow. Thanks
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    Currently we can't hunt bison with a bow here in the Yukon. go here: scroll down to here and click to get info and calibers ok. page two I think Hunt Wisely: Bison - Brochure with information on how to ethically hunt bison, how to get...
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    I talked with a buddy who is on the Wildlife Management Board last night after the hockey tourney. I hadn't heard when the mtg for NEW REGS was but he informed me that it would be at the end of the month. WHAT I NEED. Any videos/pictures/stories you can post on hunting bison or cape buffs...
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    So I am putting yet another proposal together for Hunting Bison with a bow here in the Yukon. I have to make the presentation to the Yukon Fish and Game Club first to hopefully get their support. Then it's off to the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board....they make the final decisions...
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    Has anyone shot the new Hoyt Bison recurve? Thoughts on stability, wuietness, performance? How does it compare to the Dorado or a DAS? Thanks / Thumper-tx
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    "The skin of a calf is properly dressed, with the head and legs let attached to it. The Indian envelopes himself in this, and with his short bow and a brace of arrows, ambles off into the midst of a herd. When he has selected such an animal as suits his fancy, he comes close alongside of it, and...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm hunting bison in B.C. in October and wonder if any Tradtalkers have this experience to give some advice
1-8 of 13 Results