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    According to several articles and expert archers aiming is [ at best ] over-rated; "Archery is a target sport, the very term "target" giving emphasis in the mind of the archer the idea of aiming. To many, that I talk to, the whole technique is merely a platform to get to the perceived crux of...
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    hi guys I shoot a hoyt excel with TT blackmax 2.0 @41# 26.5" with goldtip hunters 400 500gr (200gr ) upfront 14.6% Foc , what would the biggest plain game I could ethically take ? regards mohamed Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    That of the many "Form Demons" (both physical & mental) the clicker can and does bring too light?...The largest has been... "Head Position" and the importance of maintaining such from shot too shot....and this is where "A Feather Touch" can be cheated...but...a clicker can't be cheated. Just...
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    a friend and i are getting ready to order and are stuck between hex5 and hex6. now i know from reading and talking to sids that the 6 is a step up from the 5 but as money is a concern, is the 6 going to blow the doors off the 5 overall? how about the bb upgrade? am i going to feel all the hex...
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    From FITA's website:
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    You know I took a little break from the net and am just getting all caught back up on old threads both the good and bad...and I see a funny trend at both shoots and in the questions asked on the boards and here are the two of the biggest problems I think are facing archers today... 1. Archers...
  7. Hunting Camp
    Just thought I'd show off my biggest buck so far. It's my fourth season of hunting. I used a 51# Great Plains one-piece recurve. Southeast Indiana.
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    Today we drove 30 minutes to climb the tree I grew up playing tree tag on, as a kid. It seemed to have changed not at all. I'd forgotten it was an osage! Figured some of you osage afficionados would be I took a few pics. A great time was had by all.
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    My set-up is a shrew LB 54" 51# @26" (My Draw) easton XX75 2018's 26.5" w/145gr BH Total weight 528gr What would be the biggest big game animal I could take with it? I know about shot placement. I'm hitting 8 out of 12 @ 17yds for now. Here in Jersey the biggest game is the White Tail (with...
1-9 of 10 Results