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    I was just encouraged to start shooting and climbing by one of my physical therapists. I was told to ensure that I warm up ahead of time. He suggested I do some of the exercises I am doing in therapy. He also suggested that I take frequent breaks and not shoot many arrows without a rest. No...
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    I have reached the point in my physical therapy where the therapist wants to see how my shoulder reacts to shooting. The rehabilitation process has gone well. Part of the process is reteaching me how to properly articulate my arm, described as being able to establish stability while still having...
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    Dear friends in archery, Thanks to this forum I was able to decide on my very first bow purchase. I wanted a bow I would not outgrow too fast so I opted for an ILF set-up: Ragim Red Lion 19" ILF wood riser (Left Hand) and Ragim Red Lion Limbs 20# Long (62" bow) With a high performance BCY 452X...
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    Got my massive box of shtuff today and have already started trying to put together my first set of arrows. Lightly sanded down the shafts as directed and applied my first coat of sealer (Not staining this batch) and am currently waiting for them to dry for a second coat (maybe a third, dont...
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    ive been waiting to go out back and shoot without freezing my rump off.56 deg and sunny.ive been shooting sense this morning,and im going back all you northerners get out and enjoy it if you can.
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    So it is time for my archery clubs field league to kick off yet once again. We have an amazing range in the mouth of Provo Canyon, Utah. Last Thursday (5/10/07) was the beginning of the league with three trad guys and about 20 wheel bows. It was a great time with me shooting a 54# Warf, and...
1-6 of 7 Results