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    Hello! I'm having a devil of a time coming up with any information about Bear recurves from the '90s. I have just become the owner of a '94 Kodiak and I'm trying find out if it's safe to use "fastflight" or other long strand, non-stretch polymer type strings on it. I found the old bear...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Just writing to let everyone know that Bear Archery really came through for me and took care of my bow problem without asking a question. I am so proud to finally own a Bear Kodiak Takedown Recurve and when I had a problem, I was absolutely crushed. Bear did me a real solid, and I am a customer...
  3. Bows
    I got these with a riser a while back, I do not see myself using these anytime soon. I don't think I can even string 'em. Might have been painted in the past, not sure Pm for more pics Asking $210 obo tyd
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey I just picked up a bear mini mag warfed riser. I put some 45 lb dryad acs legend recurve limbs on it. First off this thing shoots lights out, smooth drawing. Quiet, throws a 540 grain arrows fast. Absolutely love it.. so it’s just over 60 inches. I have brace height at 7&3/4 . Does that...
  5. Warfin' Wall
    Hello, Can someone point me to a preferably soft case that will fit a black bear riser with medium limbs? This is with the limbs removed. I'd be open to a hard case too but would really prefer something that I can just slip everything into and roll up. Asking because the BB riser seems...
  6. Hunting Camp
    I am going to try to get out for a bear hunt this fall. Going west isn't an option with a baby due in July. I live in SE Indiana and was thinking Kentucky but the West Virginia season is much longer. Due to work and having a newborn it'll be beneficial to have a longer season for flexibility...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    For those who have used and shot them which did you like better?? Just trying to figure out a new setup
  8. Bows
    I have a couple Bear Mini Mag warf risers done by Sam. Asking $165 with a grip or 135 w/o. I think I have 2R and 3R grips I will get pics if interested
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi, first post! I had a short fling with traditional archery a few years ago and definitely went about it wrong. I'm looking to get back into it and do it right this time. The long term goal is deer hunting. I'm interested in longbows because they are quiet and I like simplicity. I'd like to...
  10. Bows
    Glued in plates. I'm just focusing on my other bows. Kind of a pay it forward, Thanks to everyone on here for all the advice and help I have gotten over the years. I don't post alot but the information has been awesome. Kind of a pay it forward, All you pay is shipping to your door or if you...
  11. Bow Projects
    I inherited a bear alaskan recurve, it don't see any writing of what the poundage is but when tried it maybe on the 55 lbs. Also some surface cracking on the limb (glass coating) Is it possible to sand down the glass coating then scrape some of the wood material to bring this bow into a lower...
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    It was waiting for me when I got home tonight. I ordered this on Ebay 2 1/2 weeks ago and the seller shipped right away. After two days it was in Indy but then didn't show any more movement for the next 15 days. Then last nite I got an email telling me it was in Evansville. This afternoon I got...
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Is there one similar in size and performance? Is there one?
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey everyone, I was recently gift a Bear Kodiak Hunter that I am pretty sure is from 1970 or so. serial # KT.... AMO 60" 40x# I think brass medallion. My draw is about 26 in. I am looking for advice. I don't think it's been strung for probably 10+ years, but it did see some good use in it's...
  15. Special Projects
    I posted this project on the Leatherwall some time ago but it it has been removed. I was contacted by a poster here on TT who asked if I might repost it here. Long story short, I have always liked the simplicity and feel of the Bear Minuteman, but was never overly impressed by the original...
  16. Archery Accessories
    Never used. $65 TYD
  17. Warfin' Wall
    Please advise on converting a Bear Mag-C to ILF Dear Friends, I hope that all are well. I've received the lovely gift of a vintage (70's) Bear MagAloy Type 'C' riser. I'm concerned about the condition of it's lims so would like to use my other ILF limbs on the riser. 1. Does anyone know if...
1-17 of 500 Results