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    Anyone know what form flaws can cause bare shafts to shoot stiff? Seems like I need really heavy tip weight. At least according to 3rivers spine calculator and my experience setting up arrows so far. Setup DAS tribute Samick r3 discovery 40 lb limbs Mountain muffler string 30” draw length...
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    One interesting thing I have noticed about some tribal groups that use heavy, heavy longbows to hunt (e.g. Hadza, Waliangulu) is that they totally eschew finger protection. According to one study, draw weights roughly range from 70-95 pounds, and possibly higher. So, I tested it out for myself...
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    Hey, Had a couple questions with bareshaft tuning. I know that moving my nock hight down an 1/8th could help but I can't seem to get rid of nock drift. Shooting off the shelf at about 17 years/meters I can't seem to eliminate nock-right with my 55# limbs and 340 gold tip Hunter with 125gr field...
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    I had been shooting decent groups but needed new arrows so I bought a dozen gold tip traditional xt 400 shafts. My old arrows were 400s from a different manufacturer and flew good. While bare shaft tuning I just can't get them to fly good. Always nock left. They started out weak but I cut a...
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    I am bare shaft tuning some arrows for a 55#@28" Martin x200 recurve. The arrow started week then has been shortened until it is flying straight left and right. Now the nock is flying low all of a sudden. Does any one know a reason for this sudden change?
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    What are the pros and cons of tuning by: 1. Shooting bare shafts through paper to get a direct measurement of the arrow's attitude as it flies? - ie nock left or right, nock up or down, and by how much; versus 2. Shooting bare shafts and fletched shafts at the same target, determining the...
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    Hello all, Recently got back into shooting when my uncle gave me his Ben Pearson recurve from the 60's. I'm noticing that arrow flight is much cleaner when shooting without the tab. Thoughts on that? I shot a ton in high school, pushing 20 years ago, mostly bare finger, but developed an...
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    Hello I’m new to traditional archery and want to know if it’s necessary for me to bare shaft tune right away or should I work on my forum and get that down first so I know if it’s me making bad shots or is it the arrow weak or to stiff thank you
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    I’ve been shooting stick bows for 40 years. Was a bowyer for several years during that time. Was NAA certified instructor. Had to stop shooting a few years ago and started up again a couple of years back. Videoed my self shooting and saw I had developed some form errors. Dropped my bow...
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    Hi, I am bare shaft tunning from about 25 yards. I am shooting split fingers from 35# trad. recurve. My 600 spine carbon arrow cut to 29.5" with 65 grain point (+12 grain insert) is slightly weaker and slightly below group (about 0.5 feet). I have found an old broken 500 spine carbon arrow...
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    Rick Stonebraker, who wrote the famous tuning for tens guide for sighted recurves has just released his new guide - Tuning for Bare Bows. It gets to the heart of what it takes to get your bare bow up and running. Find it here: Thanks Rick! It was...
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    . . . Bare Naked Bow Assocation . . . ( aka as the B.N.B.A ) Rules: 1.) Single string only . . . 2.) No shelf allowed . . . 3.) No additional weights for the Bow . . . 4.) No stabilizers allowed . . . 5.) No sighting tools allowed except for the human eye . . . 6.) Any length of Bow...
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    Does anyone really see a problem with this? ;)
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    How you ever seen a barebow shooter using the archer’s paradox aiming from the side of her face and using the point on the target. Much like shooting an English long bow upright??
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    There is a great thread going right now on bare shaft tuning, and comparing bare shaft groups to fletched groups. So here are my questions. If your fletched arrows are going to the center of the target, after a few rounds why keep shooting them? Why not just aim the bare shafts at the center and...
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    The simplest method I have heard about for bare shaft tuning is to shoot a mixture of fletched and unfletched arrows and changing spine until they both group in the same spot. Forget about looking for nock high, low, right and left. Is this a legitimate method?
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    I can get a perfect bare shaft test shooting split finger, but can’t seem to get a good bare shaft test shooting three under. Anybody else have this issue? It shows I need to move the nock point up but to get what looks like a good up/down bare shaft, the nock point has to be ridiculously high...
1-17 of 121 Results