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    Aloha All, Looking to get some sage advice. For some background I come from a compound bow so I am used to being able to aim at a quarter at 20 yrds. I have been dedicating myself to traditional archery for about 6 months and only in the last month have finally found an anchor point and...
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    Looking at a custom ILF riser build. The bowyer is Rossing Archery, check them out of facebook. To get the weight I want Dymondwood is being suggested. Ive never had a dymondwood riser but have read a few posts about the potential of it cracking. Looking for first hand experience with this...
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    Can this be fixed? ;) ;) ;) ;)
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    New year tradition to shoot some arrows, shot these cold with no warm up shots, 15 to 65y every 5 yards, kept the line with just a few low shots. It was nice to get some shots in, it's been difficult recently with fatigue and pain. Today was good day with a positive outlook for 2019
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    I recently picked up a Martin Jaguar Elite bow. It came with bolt on limbs, but the riser accepts ILF as well. Eventually I’ll pick up some nicer limbs, but in the mean time would it be a bad idea to cut the material from the butt end of the limbs to open the slot? Why do it? My thought is...
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    As y’all know I went to Rick Welch’s school last week. Great experience. One issue I am really having trouble resolving is plucking the string. I also notice after shooting that my ring finger is usually sore. Makes me wonder if my ring finger is the culprit or an indicator that I’m plucking...
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    Hey guys I'm new to this forum. I just got back into traditional shooting after a 12 year break. I picked up a Neil Jacobson Swift recurve. It is a 60lb at 28 inch 58"amo length. I have a 28 inch draw right hand. I picked up some gold tip traditional 340 spine with 50 grain inserts and 150 grain...
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    Obviously Im speaking generally - as some competition shooters never or rarely experience target panic. So they wouldnt have this issue. And likewise if you have lack consistent good form and habits and your only way to learn them is through the competition scene then thas a plus for...
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    I was trying to record a video of me shooting a tight group of six arrows from 20 yards. Below is what happened. The arrows were shot from a Wes Wallace Mentor bow, 66" and 52#@30"
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    For some reason I can't comment on Stephens thread. That was hilarious! Haaaa haaaa ha
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    I got myself a Grozer Biocomposite Scythian bow last month. Beautiful bow with a horn belly and sinew backing. Shot beautifully, smooth draw and shock free. 45#@28". Then just last week it broke. I was at full draw when I heard a cracking sound and the next thing I new the top limb had snapped...
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    Had a hard practice time last night, really whacking my Nose on the long shots, in the end I started to get Nose panic lol Did some work this morning and figured a bad habit in my sequence which fixed the problem, something easy to forget when so focused. when I'm counting my crawls I'm...
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    A bad puncture from an arrows . . . not for the squeamish The archer reports that it a flesh wound "only" - no tendons and bone and nerves involved - still a bad puncture wound . . . That is why I wear this ( religiously ) . . . . ! ! ! PLEASE TAKE CARE ! ! ! John
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    I was looking at You Tube and found this little gem: What do you folks think of this concept? I could see a great way to make Arrows for growing kids, use broken Arrows or " bug out " Arrows if HRC wins in November... Please advise...
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    Was shooting my proline warf today. Shooting 3 arrow ends at 20 yards. I was at it for a little while and heard that unique sound. Set aside and grabbed 2 more arrows and continue practice. About 20 minutes later did it again! I guess I should be happy with my shooting however it is a bit costly.
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    Way back when, (a little over a year ago), I was a young, (to archery), archer. In my excitement over my new hobby I purchased 3 older bows (1960's and 70's) from Ebay. All three arrived in good condition and I thought I had done very well with my purchases. But after shooting these three...
1-18 of 126 Results