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    I recently flew to Texas to network with people at a horseback archery tournament, and to help the organizers set the courses up. While I was there I also did a lot of filming, and I put together a short, action-packed video with the highlights from one of the events. It's basically a simulation...
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    The Humane Society is spending 5 million to get a ballot measure outlawing Bobcat and lion hunting in Arizona. Make no mistake they are targeting running hounds now but bow hunting and then all hunting is their goal. Support your fellow hunters - you might be next. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    For those that have not heard of the recent ransomware attack that is spreading across the world, please take a look at this link (or Google wannacry which would be the best thing to do from a security perspective). This link outlines very...
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    I am in vancouver for a week...lets get out and shoot...Jer PM me ok
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    Wanted to put a heads up in the main forum on this. Check out the images. Video might be available.
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    On several forums, username fljaweiu -bm.
1-6 of 33 Results