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    I inherited a number of bows several years ago. This particular one has this interesting handle attached to it. Does anyone know what this is for? Click the pictures to make them larger.
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    I walked into an archery shop while traveling and saw this gentleman apply vanes to a arrow with a Bitzenburger jig. He would put a bead of glue on the vane and press it on to the arrow hold it for a few seconds and then unclamp the vane turn the arrow and put on the next. I didn’t have the...
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    I got started a number of years ago using bohning (platinum) to attach my fletchings, both vanes and feathers, to my Easton aluminum shafts. with my switch from compound to recurve I also started using helical fletching and currently using gateway 4 inch feathers. for the past year or so I...
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    There was some discussion of the legality or otherwise of the weight system used in the bow below as it applies to FITA barebow. I've come across the following rule interpretation by the Technical Committee of World Archery. The attachment methodology seems similar enough to apply. Archery...
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    So as you might have heard from my posts...I have a new dryad epic 17" riser. Also have another question. Is it normal to have to force new limbs into a new ILF fitting? I really had to push to get my new limbs into there pocket. I'm chalking it up to have new unused metal in the bow. Is it...
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    On my new rig I am able to push my limbs all the way up onto the riser to leave no gap between the limb butt and wood. Should I leave some space or is this ok? I read a post a while ago saying there limbs cracked by doing this but I might be going crazy and thought I read that. Thanks in...
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    I just got a DAS Elite yesterday. The riser is a work of art, and I might have purchased the last rt. handed Elite! I was hoping that someone could post some pics of their Elite where the limbs attach top and bottom so I can see how the the ILF connection looks on this bow. This would be a huge...
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    Just made another Asbell type quiver from an old Bear, 8 arrow bow quiver. It's one of the old two post models. I used a guitar strap I had left over and it works perfectly. I also left the screw posts on the quiver in case I wanted to attach a pouch to it later-on. Two pieces of rawhide and a...
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    My old GM has got maybe 3/8" adjustment on the verticle axis. 20+yrs ago when I bought the bow this is where it was and I have never moved it. why would I move it? rusty -if it ain't broke how would I know- Craine
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    I want to pick up a Delta 7 arrow for my Palmer...mounts are already drilled on the belly of the riser...anyone know which of the Delta attachments would work the best (screw in) in my case? T2 mount, T3 mount, T4 mount, standard mount, side mount? It's hard to tell from looking at their...
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    What's this attachment? For a quiver?
1-11 of 12 Results