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    Some years ago I wrote up a piece concerning some research into arrow behavior after the release. I've referred to it here, and I bet many have already seen it. But something has recently happened that has made me kinda excited. The folks at True Shaft Archery ran across my article. This is...
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    This a very good two part article about DIY moose hunting in AK. Mike
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    I was asked on a previous thread how we can tell what news is fake. Here is a article that provides some guidance on steps you can take to self check what you are reading.
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    Guest Post: Did The Deep State Postpone The Election? Dave: I believe the Deep State postponed the election today, using Clinton’s probably staged "health event" as the opening act of a drama that will unfold over the next several days to few weeks. The Deep State is in the process of pulling...
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    Take the time for a great read in Trad BH magazine by Jason Wesbrock, well said Jason!
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    Here is a good read. Sent from my LG-D959 using...
  8. Faith and Fellowship
    T he question posed in todays Kansas Star Voices of Faith was, should we read the holy books of other religions? By Arvind Khetia and the Rev. Bob Hill THE REV. BOB HILL, pastor emeritus, Community Christian Church: The simple answer is "Yes." For any person yearning to live a truly relevant...
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    With all the focus on aiming styles and such, I thought I'd drag out this old article by Jim Ploen, one of the first to shoot a 300. It has some excellent information to digest. Aiming the arrow
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    Here is an interesting article about arrow geometry and its affect on ballistics. It is interesting to see how significant the fletching size has on the overall coefficient of drag. Increasing the surface area...
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    interview article:
  12. Watering Hole
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    Seen this on another site and thought I would share. Waxing your bow string is an essential part of bow maintenance and knowing How to Wax a Bow String properly is as critical as the wax itself. This applies to all types of bows including compounds, crossbows, recurve and longbows. Waxing your...
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    I guess sometimes smart people aren't all that smart :) Cornell University’s Expensive “Birth Control for Deer” Program Proves Effectiveness of Hunting in Wildlife Management The failure of Cornell University’s “birth control for deer” experiment is an example of how traditional hunting...
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    I have pasted below an article that was sent me, it makes interesting reading. It may be a pointer for the future of archery as the target side just keeps growing. The indoor shooting range at Archery in the Wild in northern Colorado used to be dominated by camouflage and hunters. But on this...
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    Yes, I know this is an article by a compound archer for compound archers but READ IT! Easy enough to extrapolate for us barebow archers, and it's all archery anyway. The author is John Dudley and the article was published in 'Bow International'. Here are the main points I pulled out: Most...
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    It appears that if 1/3 of the states fail to cast there electoral votes then the Senate will choose the President. Look it up folks we might have a way to get rid of him after all!!
  20. Stickbow Magazine
    Hey guys. Looking for a hunting article for the upcoming issue of Stikbow Hunter eMagazine with a bit of of Overseas flavour. Anyone keen to have a go at writing one?