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    Lightly used, listening to reasonable offers. EmAil me at [email protected] if interested
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    It has been a while since we've come up with a new product here at Fender Archery. We thought of this for a completely different look. Chrome rivets and buckles on black leather. Been shooting with it for a while now. Field testing I guess you could say. Its still double layer leather with...
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    I have several and they all seem to crawl, become loose or just do not seem to fit. What are some of the best leather armguards out there?
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    I finished this full-length armguard a couple of days ago. It is cowhide backed with ostrich leg overlays. The trim is lambskin and I carved the lace hooks from deer antler. Everything was sewn by hand with artificial sinew. I donated this armguard as an item in the live auction at the 2014...
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    Wanted to share a picture of my new field quiver armguard combo. It was given to me by a real leather artist named Tim Johnson at Johnson Leathercraft.
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    I have a problem with my current armguard. The elastic is always loosening up and the whole guard slides down to my wrist. Every one in a while the string catches the edge of the guard or I end up hitting my unprotected arm. I guess my arms are built like Popeye's...sorta-kindda. Any...
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    A friend of mine made these photos:
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    Recently there was a thread about if people using armguards or not. Now I would like to know from you who NEEDS it. About the background for me: My first hunting recurve a 62" long 50# bow specified for 30" draw required permanent use of the armguard. Even though I carefully fixed it really...
1-8 of 10 Results