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    I've been wondering if some people are pre-disposed to loving archery (not necessarily being good at it ;) ). Because, from a young age I can remember wanting to shoot a bow. As a real young boy I remember making my own bows out of willow branches and twigs for arrows. Back then I didn't...
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    Went to Barnes and Noble last night and while my girl friend was checking on an order and shopping, I read an excellent article in Primitive Archer on shooting. The title of the article was -- Want to be a Better Bowhunter? Take a Target Shooter to Lunch by Jim Hamm I guess his future daughter...
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    Just want to say this is a great group of guys here. I'm involved in a discussion on a thread that was supposed to be funny, on another site. Made me realize the great group of guys here. All I've seen are guys, here, that are respectfull of other archers and how or what they shoot. I've said it...
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    Thought you guys might appreciate a little poem I whipped up for a cowpoke pal who was turned down for a place to bowhunt (longbow and recurve, no less) by a neighbor, for no good reason. (Not that a man has to have a good reason to say no - after all, it's his land, right?) Still, maybe some...
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    I've seen and heard the recommended way of putting a small channel between your rest and side-plate and having your nocks rotated for a cock feather at 12 o'clock position to eliminate contact. Is this really even necessary given archer's paradox? I set my bows up this way and don't get any...
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    Hi All, what does this warf mean? Am I spending not enough time at television? Helpppppppp
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    Iam a new archer. Although I have liked bows since i was lttle. I would like any tips you could give me on shooting longbows and compound bows.