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    I was thinking about this today when I was flinging arrows. I'm shooting pretty good, not my best but not my worst either. I'm not hitting 10s with every shot but I'm in the money with 90% at different yardages and even unknown yardages. It occurred to me that this is pretty good shooting...
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    Hi everyone, I just signed up yesterday and have spent about five or six hours reading posts on this forum and the Archery Talk forum. I’ve been “researching” archery on the internet for about two months, and think I’m starting to get a sense of the direction I want to go. I’ve read just enough...
  5. Miscellaneous
    I have Ye Sylvan Archer Volumes I-VII. They are signed but un-numbered so a great way to complete your set. Asking $245 tyd I have some duplicates of Volumes 4, 5,6, 7 if you are interested in those $40 each.
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    This happens about 15 times a day, annoying and sometimes embarrassing when in public but this hormone treatment keeps me alive. Still shooting, although not very well. These hot flushes kill your focus when shooting lol Merry Xmas to everyone
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    Our very own member Kenn1320,"Ken Rienas," is currently in first place in the instinctive class in canada,for the world archery 3d championship. Look under USA archery. It,s happening now. GO KEN !!!
  8. Hunting Camp
    My Girlfriend just took up traditional archery and wants go deer hunting with her recurve pulling 35# at her draw length. Here in Minnesota, that is a legal weight. I’m just not convinced that draw weight is actually enough. Does anyone know it ethically kill a deer? If so on what equipment?
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    I strongly believe to advance and grow in this sport as an Archer you need to strike a balance between back yard practice and tourney, if fact just shooting in the back yard can be detrimental to your shooting, tourney isn't just a place to win medals, it's a proving ground where you find what...
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    Hello, my name is Dan and I'm from Northern California and have been shooting longbows and recurves for 45 years. I was a professional bowyer for a few years in the 90s. I took a hiatus from archery for 7 years and have started shooting again about 5 months ago. When I started shooting again...
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    Gentlefolk?...this utoob video I stumbled upon is over a year old so some of you may have already seen it but this morning? was a first for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it as?... 1. Even though it's recorded in languages (and captions) that are foreign and unknown to me? soundly held...
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    Hi just decided to start a new thread, all are welcome, and help is very appreciated!
  13. Faith and Fellowship
    Many good lessons for all ages and your kids have a jump on it if they shoot with you. Assuming you shoot a recurve. As a visible symbol of the covenant that he will not destroy the earth by water again, God unstrung his bow. Relaxed the limb tips reach the earth. Kids can learn about the...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    My son has been showing some serious interest in the last few years in recurves. Last year for his birthday I got him a warf mini mag and a set of SF axiom+. He is 10 years old and is loving shooting. His form is unbelievable for a kid his age shooting as short a time as he has. The 25th of this...
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    Please help to find my friend Bob Davis !!! I am Hannes Petak, from Austria and i search for more than twenty years for my friend Bob Davis. He was, is a compassionate Archer with his beloved OK - Bow from Germany. He was born in South Carolina, and for a long time he lived in Europe, Germany...
1-15 of 124 Results