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    Anyone on here make custom antler bur limb bolts with designs on them? I'm not really interested in doing them myself and have seen folks offer them for sale years ago on here. Longest I've seen sold by companies is 2" and I would need them 2-1/4" inches with full threads for my particular...
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    I just picked up a vodoo kustom elk antler longbow...If any of you guys are shooting one ,what is the best brace for it?..I draw 29.25,the bow is 53#lbs at 29....what would be a good starting point on spine? Im thinking a 400 spine at full length with 125 up front?....just as a side note...this...
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    Is it possible to use antler burr limb bolts on ILF riser??? If so who sells them, are there any downsides or should I just stick with what comes with the bow? Just want to add a little custom look to the bow. Thanks, Jags
  4. Watering Hole
    First let me apologize ahead of time if this thread is offensive....LOL I've been trying to get different opinions on this issue, I've pretty much got my mind made up personally on the issue.......but I am interested in other opinions on the subject. Thanks.
  5. Hunting Camp
    As some of you know Pennsylvania has antler restrictions. In most of the areas to be legal a buck must have 4 points at least 1" long on one antler. In othew zones its 3 points. The program has been in effect for a few years, the idea was to get more older age bucks. In my area it is working...
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    Can anyone provide some guidance on doing antler overlays on a radius surface like the back side of a riser or inside curve of belly side of riser? I've done antler overlays before but only on a flat surface. Much appreciated. Stickman
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    Who sells them?
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Custom made by sticshooter. The man does good work!! I think they turned out great and just like I had envisioned.
1-8 of 11 Results