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    This shoot has been cancelled. Better luck next year. Stay healthy everyone!
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    The 2020 IBO mid America Traditional Championship will be he'd at the Cloverdale Conservation Club, Cloverdale, IN
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    For anyone who was thinking of coming to the IBO Mid America shoot here in Austin Tx, this coming weekend (April 29-30 & May 1), be advised that the weather forecast is for a lot of rain. The event organizers decided to postpone the shoot till in the hopes that we can get better weather and a...
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    Well the West Coast IBO is this weekend and the Mid America IBO is next weekend !! Who all is going ? This is your chance to have a taste of the Trad. Worlds, in Tenn. this July, so come on out and have some fun !! Just Sayin Cal
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    Is there a list of upcoming (2015) FITA field shoots anywhere? Preferably west coast events. I'd love to be shooting this format but I rarely see FITA field shoots.
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    Most of you know I am very Patriotic, I still get goose bumps and my eyes tear up with pride when I hear OUR National Anthem. The first time I heard this was at a friends retirement ceremony as I was a member of the flag folding/passing. I was in tears. Enjoy, and give thanks to all those who...
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    I leave in a few months for a float trip down the Amazon I will be primarily fly fishing and using light tackle but ............. I'm bringing a recurve to see what I can get done. I was looking for a setup that was packable and that could be used for Bowfishing and regular shooting and excel...
1-7 of 49 Results