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    I picked up a Phoenix riser from Bob a few weeks back and I had him send me some Black Max limbs to gow with it. Figured these cheap limbs would be ok just to see if I liked a metal riser bow. I have to say I'm amazed by these limbs .. Wow! for the money they cant be beat. After setting it up...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Just got in from a little shooting practice in prep for a trip I have coming up later this month and I am still amazed at the way my DAS bow shoots!!! This thing continues to surprise me and keep my attention something other bows have not been able to do. I think the main attribute that this...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I ws at The Archery Shop today shooting and Bob Coggins and his wife came in after having attended the SCBA 3Dshoot. I asked Bob if he still had any of his arrows in the car and he said yes. I asked him what the spine was and he said 75-80#. I asked him if I could shoot some of them and he...
1-3 of 3 Results