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    Morning everyone, I need help with picking out aluminum arrows for a hunting setup. I have a 50lb Martin Jaguar and I have a 28.5" draw. My questions are 1: brand? 2: length and spine 3: tip weight 4: High FOC? 5: is tuning them any different from carbon? Thanks Matt
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    So I've picked two different arrows to play with this year - I only shoot outside and hunting is #1 priority. Here is a table since its the only way I can keep track of it.
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    I’m setting up my 50# black widow. I usually shoot lower to mid 40#. In trying to keep my arrow weight at 550-575 grains. It is liking a full length xx75 2018 with 145 grain heads. Only problem is the foc is like 11%. I usually 15-18%. I intend to use this for pigs and my rescheduled elk...
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    Hi All, I am looking into getting some Aluminum Easton Legacy arrows for upcoming hunting season. Now is set at 45# takedown recurve with a desired arrow length of 32” I’ve got a 31” draw length and am thinking 32-33” arrows. I shoot a 135 grain Zwickey broad head and am having trouble deciding...
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    I see a lot of people use carbon arrows but not much about aluminums, is one more popular with traditional archery?
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    I'll start with the specs. I'm shooting a Spectra warf at 53lbs otf at my 31.5" draw. I've been shooting 2315s full length with 3x4" feathers and 75gr points. These shoot well and bareshaft correctly but appear to be right on the edge of what is tunable. A bit ago my string puffs disintegrated...
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    So I'm a long time compound archer but I also have a Bear Kodiak Hunter I like to play with from time to time. Lately I've been messing with it a bit more but I would like to move up to something with interchangeable limbs. I know there are other takedown options out there but the ILF system...
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    I just traded into a gorgeous vintage Hoyt Pro Medalist. It draws [email protected] I draw 29. I would like to shoot aluminum arrows from this bow and I'm leaning towards 1913 with a 64 grain nib glue in point, uni bushings with a gnock. Does this sound like Im in the right ball park. I haven't shot...
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    I’ve been shooting GT traditional 340’s at 29.5”, with 225 head. I’ve shot them for three years now and have killed several deer, turkey and a few varmints, with them. I was down at the local bow shop the other day and I noticed the owner had a pile of mixed and used aluminum arrows. He said...
1-9 of 89 Results