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    Shout out to Alternative Services! Ordered some Soul Black Flash limbs on closeout for my daughters bow and received them from GB in 3 days to CO. One limb edge delaminated upon stringing. Had a no charge replacement set in 3 days after notifying them... Great company to deal with on overseas...
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    I am lucky enough to own a Bear take down "C" riser, ~1969 vintage. The rest installed is a bristle type, in a rectangular shape and recessed ~1/8" into riser. As the original rest area is cut/recessed into the riser, it seems likely I can find some modern rest which could be trimmed to fit...
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    The Gillo G2 looks to be quality barebow riser at a good price. Call me crazy, but I don't really care for it's looks. Is there anything else out there at a similar quality and price?
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Been trying some Canadian goose feathers for fletchings, they seem nowhere near as stiff as turkey feathers, anyone use them? Any other birds come to mind?
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    After I crest my arrows I put a clear arrow wrap over top of it to protect the paint, my only issue is that I'm terrible at putting the wraps on. I've tried all the tips from using a mouse pad to rolling it and it just doesn't work for me. Is there a clear dipping lacquer I could put overtop my...
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    Well, I love my new RCX 17 and I think it is set up pretty well with its sf carbon elite limbs, it's just that i feel like the grip is not 100%. I really like the grip on the tradtech pinnacle II, it just feels right. so the question is, what kind of after market grips are there for the rcx 17...
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    For you guys that have purchased from them, once a product has been shipped via Royal Airshare, how long does it normally take to reach your door here in the states? Thanks….. :)
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey guys, what happened to the color silver for the Best Moon? It's not listed as an option at Alternative. That's the one I want to pull the trigger on.
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    I hate buying a pig n a poke. I can see the price of a riser I'm considering buying but nowhere anything about tax or VAT or whatever. Does anyone have a percent figure I can use that would get me in the ball park? I expect between riser and limbs the tab (w/o tax etc.) will be in the $1500.00...
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    I've heard about them, and heard of guys buying their products, so it got my curiousity up to check the website. Fantastic selection of limbs and risers. Very good prices too. Now to the question. I'm wondering how their prices compare to the U.S. when you figure in freight, taxes, import fee...
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    I am just lookin for advice on different places to anchor down at. I know it seems like a odd question but with the diversity here I figure it wouldn't hurt to ask. I shoot both split and three under. So I have been shooting split with knuckle to cheek bone. There's got a be a better way. Any...
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    Fellow archer Mad Pasture Archer observed the following: "Great idea, Blinky! Your posts reflect the joy in discovering archery. I'm there, too, but I'm not sure about the term "Newbie." Can't think of a better one right now, though." Many identify as "new to archery," "new to traditional," or...
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    For those of you who have done business with them I'm interested in knowing how you ask questions before you buy.... Spending over $500.00 on a riser and quite possibly the same or more on limbs has me quite hesitant to do business with a company not in the USA. Your thoughts and experiences...
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    I am thinking of ordering a riser from them is shipping expensive from overseas?
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    im thinking of ordering some limbs from them ,how is there service? was going to order some Sebastien Flute NEW Carbon/Foam limbs ,shorts.
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    I shoot Barebow, I am left-handed and I am right eye dominant. This is not the best combination for a good score, but with a PB of 517 for a Portsmouth it could be worse, however, I would like to push it further, to be much better... Now, everyone talks about the importance of...
1-16 of 28 Results