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    I'm setting up one of the new Elite recurves and am probably thinking to hard. I've used the Free Flyte rests the past few years but on occasion have caught it on brush and bent it. This concerns me when we are that far from town. The riser is cut 5/8 past center so a stick on is out of the...
  2. Hunting Camp
    So, I've got a caribou hunt planned in Alaska for august of 2015 and was planning on doing it off the Dalton Highway, or "haul road". My goal, of course, is to take a caribou using traditional gear. Anyone have any experience with this hunt or one like it using a traditional bow? Or perhaps just...
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    Wondering if anyone knows the weight (grains per inch) of 5/16" Alaska yellow cedar shafting. What I have so far as generally accepted numbers are: Sitka Spruce @ 11.1 GPI Pot Orford Cedar @ 12.2 GPI Doug Fir @ 13.5 GPI I'm pretty sure that Alaska yellow falls somewhere between POC and Doug...
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    Alaska in 2 days. . .We're really hyped!! Just got back from a forced march with Jason with 30 pound packs and boots in the 85 degree heat. Hit about a 18 minute a mile pace this morning. We've been walking for three months now and carrying our packs for the last month. Why you ask? Well...
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    Alaska Moose hunters getting hammered,END OF THE STORY John Havard and Steve are on a ridgetop north of Tok, Alaska and are getting hammered by the weather. I talked with the air service this morning and they said they dropped a new tent to John yesterday after the 75 mph winds took his Kifaru...
  6. Watering Hole
    North to Alaska, If we pass you wave and honk lol.
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    Rod will be in Wasilla, Alaska on March 17 & 18 to conduct his two day archery clinic. The cost is $270 which includes his cost and range fees. A $100 deposit is required. Send me a PM if you are interested, or would like more information.
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    I saw an add from Alaska Bowhunter for Grizzly Stika Stump arrows. I went to the site and saw some Cordovan Supertabs three under. I never have enough tabs. Order 6 of the stump arrows and the supertab. that was on the 3/18. I got them at noon today 3/21. Shipping was $12.28. I'll give...
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    We are back and working in the shop. Dang it was hard to get moving after a month in God's country. If it didn't get so dang cold, I'd live there in a heart beat. Mike
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    It seems O.L. Adcock, Win & Win and Alaska Bowhunting have teamed-up to offer a new longbow. It will be interesting to learn more about this one.
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    Hey guys, I got back from Alaska Tuesday night. What an experience! We were only able to hunt 3 1/2 days (as anticipated), but I was able to tag a nice bull and the other two guys missed two shot opportunities each. My father and I got into Fairbanks very early last Tuesday morning...
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    Well the trip I've been waiting for since I was 5 is finally just around the corner :D I just got in from shooting my bow one last time before I pack it up. I've got my arrows all tuned up and ready and my gear all packed. We're going to Alaska to hunt caribou. We're flying into Fairbanks then...
  13. Hunting Camp
    Hey Guy's......I am back from the Brooks Range! I did have a great hunt, tough, very tough, but great none the less. The AK interior is a harsh place. It seems it is either one extreme or another up there. Temps for the week went from 65 to 25. Winds from calm to 20-30 mph gusts. Rain or rain...
1-13 of 16 Results