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    I understand using the arrow tip as an aim point for gap shooting, fix crawl, etc. So if I practice with a field point that is not the same length as my broadhead, doesn't that throw things off a bit?
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    Heres a question on aim and back tension. Draw, come in to anchor, then aim, then pull through and release. If i have that stop start separation from aim to then expansion and release it is tougher to get through the clicker. Or how i find better back tension, draw to anchor, as i anchor i slow...
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    Here is an interesting video from NuSencei discussing whether historical archers aimed. NuSencei has some really good archery content.
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    . . . mind you . . . I haven't mentioned a particular "beaten of horse" . . . regards, John
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    I asked In a different thread about a reasonable expectation, for the number of arrows a person might shoot regularly to become proficient at instinctive shooting. Longbowguy offered this response: Lbg, you are a rascal. I just went on the record in a completely different thread, saying I...
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    Hi, I'm fairly new to archery, in fact I started almost a month ago. I'm learning string walking and so far I'm really enjoying it. I'm pretty much self taught, I've watched Youtube videos, Jimmy Blackmon's videos have been a huge help, and read forum posts to learn. I've come to problem I...
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  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    By aerial archery I am referring to the soft discs that get thrown into the air and the archer shoots them. The ranges look pretty close, maybe 15 yards max, and I assume its a little like shotgunning where you move with the target and lead / pass through. So... How do you aim? Anywhere...
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    Do it every time in that order and the little men don't argue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I watched the new Push with Matt doing the Ironmind program and listened to the podcast with Joel too... really great stuff! I'm either confused or didn't catch it right when I compare the principles between Joel Turner and Rod Jenkins. (I've never taken a clinic from either.. maybe in the...
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    I've shot my Oneida H-250 the past 4 years barebow fingers. Now that I finally got back to a recurve, and going to keep the 250 for a bowfishing rig, I'm having issues with my aim point. My job entails travel and there are times when I may go 2 -3 weeks before being able to even hit the...
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    I do. I do not. I do something else.
  13. Hunting Camp
    Saw two bucks this morning, first went the other way, then around 10am I hear something coming. I didn't bother counting points as I didn't have enough fingers and deemed it more important to keep my composure. I knew I had climbed higher than normal but still feared shooting under the deer...
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    After reading Matts thread I decided to ask for help. I'm self taught, have had TP with both wheels and a recurve. Got it pretty much under control. I shoot instinctively, and when I try to aim, I have two problems. For instance, if I try to gap shoot, i have a hard time holding my arrow tip...
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    The sheer number of missed/wounded deer post that come up this time of year is staggering and that's the guys who have the stones to post. Accidents and bad shots happen but for heavens sake if it happens twice don't "stick with it - it will happen". There is nothing trad about a gut shot...
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    Hey guys I've got an old 15 pound I think 48" internature warrior bow by AIM. Unfortunately the limbs are warped didn't use a stringer or what not as a kid. Id like to find some replacement limbs so I can give the bow to my little nephew when he gets older. AIM doesn't make the bow anymore...
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    Hello All, Been lurking for a while here and I'm new to Archery and have been shooting recurve for about 2 months and my primary goal is to begin hunting next year, with a secondary goal of 3d and perhaps field competition in the future. I've had "success" shooting Point of Aim style at the...
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    How dumb can that be......therefore I am dumb. Fourth end of two was a fluke believe me.....but the gang thought it was cool. My first robin hood in Saudi....I think I have only had one....yup I think this is it. stupid stupid stupid - I don't have many arrows or shafts over here...
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    The videos by Jimmy are very helpful to watch. In his predraw, he has a fairly long pause, before coming back to anchor. What is the main purpose of this? I am guessing he is going through a mental routine or check list or something. Does anybody know what? And do you do something...
1-19 of 44 Results