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    Thinking about giving a small diameter [ .166 ] shaft a try. I'm used to shooting 5/16 shafts. This is out of pure curiosity just to see if I like them or see any advantage in accuracy with them. The problem is I have been shooting the same set up for so long, it seems like any time I make a...
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    I posted this on another site, but wanted to share it here too. As an archer with a close to 32" draw arrows that are long enough for me to hunt with are hard to come by. This year I was shooting full length carbon express maxima blue rz's for 3D. Unfortunatly at only 31.5 inches from nock...
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    Of course, bleeder blades add a little cutting surface length to a broadhead, but how much actual practical difference do you think that really makes in hunting , in comparison to the 2-blade version of the same broadhead (say, to pick one example, the 4-blade version and the 2-blade version of...
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    I'm new to archery, been practicing on a borrowed Damon Howatt Hunter ([email protected]). My wife went to the local archery store and bought be a new recurve for Christmas. I open the present and it's an October Mountain Products adventure 2.0 bow with 20lb limbs. Wtf? She trusted this salesman and just...
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    Several of the manufacturers (Win & Win SF, and Tradtech, to name a couple) offer glass-wood-carbon limbs as well as glass-wood counterparts. In actual practice, do the limbs with carbon fiber layers offer any actual advantage over the counterparts without carbon?
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    I can understand for hunting we generally want as short a riser as we can comfortably shoot, but for say barebow competition, its seems 25" and 27" risers seem to dominate. Is is really just about riser weight? Or long overall length which makes is easier on the string angle to the fingers?
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    Just wondering, is there an advantage to shooting a one-piece bow vs shooting a takedown. For example a Samick Sage vs a Samick Red Stag? Obvisouly a TD has the advantage of being more portable. But are there any advantages to a one-piece. Thanks.
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    I was discussing the topic of draw length with a fellow recurve shooter at the range a couple days ago. I have a draw length of 27" and shoot a 385gr. arrow with 45# at the fingers and average speeds in the low 190s. The other shooter has a 30" draw and shoots a 540gr. arrow with about 40# on...
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    so my local shop uses AA and they're computer spines me perfect yet stu miller says im 15# light...why and which is closest
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    Is anyone currently shooting the Sky Conquest Advantage barebow? I would like to know your thoughts about this riser and which limbs from Sky that you may be shooting also. I amostly concerned with the balance without any weights and general feel at the shot.
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    I am curious, what does one gain by using long bow ILF limbs on a recurve riser? I will pick up my Spig 650 Club tomorrow and am debating limbs. So how about some Tradtech long bow limbs? What are the pros and cons? As is the norm I thank all of you in advance for your comments. Group Well.
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    i have been shooting with and without wheels over the last twenty plus years and I have always shot quality arrows, however I have never seen the need for A/C/E... shooting field with the wheelie bow ACC gave me all the speed I needed, and when I ,ade the switch back to trad nearly two years ago...
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    I have read a lot of posts that talk about endless loop strings being better for target bows than flemish twist. I was just wondering what the difference really is. Is it because the string isn't twisted as much? Thanks, Mark
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    hey Guys, I've been using this software for over 2 years and AA has come out with a new version (5) that is the best yet. Many of the hangups with the older versions are gone, such as the calibration issues for spine. Bottom line is, this is a fantastic tool. This is something that...
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    Off the top of their heads, can anyone give me a rough number for the mechanical advantage of a compound over a FITA rig? For some reason I keep thinking around 15 %...but it seems like it has to be more, doesn't it? We're talking strict mechanical advantage...not typical speed of one versus...
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    I have a question for users of this program. Can you adjust for centershot beyond picking longbow or recurve? This would seem to be very important. Thanks Chad
1-17 of 17 Results