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  1. Miscellaneous
    I have a dozen uncut .231 adjustable static inserts from Ethics Archery for sale (no trades). These weigh 175 grains full length and they can be cut down to 50 grains. The lip opens outward and takes 5/16" field points. Two were glued in with low temp hot melt and shot a few times while the...
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    I currently use an allen screw flat head bolted into riser with a nut on the backside and I cover the head with velcro. My issue is I use the super skinny old SST carbon arrows and the arrow barely contacts the bold head when sitting on the shelf. i was hoping to find something with a larger...
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    This is NOT a competition plunger, more for guys who are "nearly traditional". Use a piece of round felt wick, about right size to screw into plunger hole. Wrap cellophane tape around it until threads "bite" properly. Trim to fit. Done. I found this on Ebay for $10, can make dozens of...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ordering new bow. Wondering about benefits of getting a plunger hole drilled and tapped for an adjustable strike (side) plate. It’s a 3 piece longbow so not interested in adjustable rest and full plunger. Will shoot off the shelf. Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Just wanted to post some helpful info for those wanting to shoot off the shelf but also be able to adjust the side plate more easily. I think everyone knows most plunger holes are drilled and tapped 5/16-24 fine thread. After going to my local Home Depot, Lowes and Ace, all I could find were...
  6. Warfin' Wall
    on a riser like a BB can you use the rockers to make it adjustable for tiller and weight with sage limbs? if so, how?...ron
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    Sorry Tried to delete but couldn't
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    can someone give me a detailed instruction or a link for a good string nock that will not move? my brass one slides up sometimes and messes my arrow flight up, thank you all kyle
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    I posted this on another thread and thought this build along might be interest to other warfers as it has a unique concept. "I did a unique warf job on my Rambo riser. I did the 1/8 plates as normal with the cutout for the ILF dovetail. But instead of epoxying them down or JB weld or screws, I...
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    I am hoping that I have found a solution to the problem of how to install a diy adjustable pressure button through the standard 5/16"-24 threaded hole in a just-cut-to-center riser (zero center), without having it protrude too far from the sight window face of the riser and push the arrow too...
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    Here is another neat idea from the folks at Border Archery I love that they keep moving on :)
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    I put a youtube video up. It is not narrated, if you use these it is an easy way to make them. Use about a foot of similar size serving material. Don't burn the knot down to serving and the overhand knots need to be snug but not overly tight. Lastly pinch the last knot before trimming so as not...
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    I have an Excel and a Dorado riser. I'm contemplating what rest to use for hunting. Pretty sure I want something that allows adjustment for centershot. I know there are a lot of good ones available. My main concern is how much adjustability can these rests provide. Do they simply provide a...
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    I am going to make my strings from now on. I am particular about the optimal number of twist. To little or too many twist and I will be making another string. I am thinking..... how can I make an "adjustable mock string"? One that can be installed on the bow, adjusted to the correct brace, then...
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    (So as not to de-rail another topic...) Who uses an adjustable strike plate? Wasn't much aware of these but apparently they're legal for IBO in trad recurve? The adjustability of a plunger minus the cushioning. Hmmm. So you could shoot off the shelf with one of these and tune fairly easily...
1-15 of 36 Results