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    Any one seen these up close or shot one yet? I know I had one on my mind in the past but wanted a shorter Longbow (I know stop rolling your eyes)- - shorter longbow...hmmm). I have a 56" A&H right now that has a new 12" riser and is 60# @ 28" and she's a fantastic little bow. I think I will...
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    Hi, I love my feathers, but just too tired of how fragile they are. I'm a throw the gear behind the seat and go type person. Also, they don't like water, obviously. So, I ordered a fletching jig and a variety of feathers and vanes. My only experiment so far has been with a 4 fletch (60-120...
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    anyone seen the new site for A&H archery yet? just clicked on it and saw that it is up and running.
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    based on your work with flight shooting, what is the best approximate angle to launch an arrow for distance? In my interest in learning more about historic archery I plan on experimenting with several of my bow and arrow combinations this spring. I've secured the short term use of a...
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    The Buy It Now price is $2,000. :eek: How much would this bow cost if you already had one ordered and on the waiting list? Adcock CX 3-pc
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    Went out this morning and shot a nice doe with my ACS CX. Picked this bow up last June at Compton and have been shooting it ever since. It is 64" 49# @ 28" and I am shooting a GT shaft and woodsman head, shaft has weights added and a finished weight of 570 grains. This is my first year shooting...
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    i been on o.l.'s sight off and on for 2 day's now i been playing with a new string brace height , nock point and spine on some poc's ...i now have my poc's bare shafts grouping with my feather shafts ..what a great site ..i'm sure most have been there but if you have not you need to check it...
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    I've been away for a while and wanted to know what the status is on the adcock metal bows. I heard he was working on some designs a while back and was wondering if they came to fruition. Also, a guy posted about a metal handled Border bow that was sweet a while back. Border still doesn't have...
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    Check his in stock bows page. 66" 44# @ 28" . FYI
1-9 of 9 Results