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    Does canting make your arrows appear as if they are weaker? While I wait for my new Falco longbow, I continue to practice with my 30 pound Samick SLB (40 pounds at my draw). I am shooting wood arrows that I am sure are stiff. I have some arrows that are spined 10 pounds less that I should be...
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    I just saw a picture of what is called a "Kam-Act" bow made by Martin back in the seventies when compounds were just coming into vouge it's a wierd looking bow kinda looks like a drunken X It has four limbs one set has cams on it and the other set is connected to the cam bearing limbs with what...
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    I have been doing a bunch of shooting trying to get my bow tuned...blah blah Here is what appears to be happening: Bow Setup: 68" Carbon Plus Limbs, pulled to 54lb @ 30.25 I have been shooting with .330(31-in), .410(30-in), .460(31-in), .520(31-in) spine arrows all with 125gr tips. The .330...
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    My arrows have helical fletching. I believe it is right-hand fletching -- that is, when viewing the arrow from the nock end, fletching "bends" the helix clockwise. When viewed from the nock end, what axial direction does the arrow rotate when travelling down range -- clockwise, or...
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    Just wanted to say what we all know, I messed up an order with Papa on some strings and he was so understanding and worked with me to get what I needed. Class Act from a classy guy:youdaman:
  7. Faith and Fellowship
    I dont know Todd and really dont buy all that much from 3rivers but after getting his Christmas card on line I will buy more from them in the future. Any company who is willing to show their love of God in todays world has my business. Yes it is an add but one that shows true feeling. God bless...
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    I just got a letter from Duck's Unlimited for a dinner auction event in the Seattle area. In the letter it says two times (not to where denim and act like you don't hunt!) I don't get this kind of mentality, I don't think DU would be around if it wasn't for hunters. Is this just a left coast...
1-8 of 18 Results