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  1. Bows
    Sold Dryad ACS RC, foam core, medium, marked as 45 @ 28 on a 19, but pulled closer to 40 @ 28 on my 19" Gillo Ghost. Selling because I have Uuhkas, and don't plan on going back to these. $315 shipped. I will eat PayPal fees.
  2. Bows
    I have a set of Dryad ACS Legend LB (longbow) limbs ILF These are 48lb on a 17" riser Maple core. These limbs are in excellent shape and have never been hunted or shot outside my basement. Maybe 100-150 shots through them. Great limbs just haven't been using them as I have been using my recurve...
  3. Bows
    Bought it a couple years ago in anticipation of shooting LB competitively but went another route. This is brand new, never even mounted limbs on the riser. 19” riser with XL ACS LBX limbs. [email protected]”. Perfect for comp or a longer draw person. $1100 you pay PayPal fees, I cover shipping USA.
1-3 of 116 Results