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    Is there any noticeable difference in these materials? About to order a new string from LAS and I normally buy the 21 strand TT premium made from X. I bougth the Stone Mountain D97 once, but it just endlessly stretched. The X was a noticeable improvement. No stretch at all. Now I see they have...
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    I have a question for the string gurus and 8125/8125g Didn't realize this till just the other night, I have a spool of each. Is it ok to combine the two string materials? Or will one string material stretch more than the other making it an unstable string? Thanks Chad
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    For the stringmakers out there. Was supposed to get some 452x from a bloke but he has given me some 8125 Thin! Did a search and it's not made any more (for a reason maybe). All I found out is that it says its 10% thinner. The label reads; Smallest diameter. Low creep...
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    Ok not to hijack Bills thread I have been using nylon #4 (.021) for my loop serving and center serving (some.21 halo center serving) for the past few years on dyna 97 and 8125 strings, I wanted to go with a larger more durable loop and center serving so I went with halo .024 serving. I am very...
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    I have been shooting D97 12 strand string and just works fine. I have two 14 strand 8125 strings, one used and one new, that I have no use for as they are for a 58” bow that I don’t have. I’m thinking about reconverting them for my new 66” bow (21” excel and long SF limbs). Doing some math: 14...
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    Ok I like and have dyna 97 string and like it alot and serves me well. A 12 or 14 strand is what shoots well for me and like it, Now the question I really would like to try some 8125 or 452X only beacuse of the two color string they make, I will not need to spools for a 2 color string only one...
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    Has anyone noticed an increase or decrease of noise when they've switched from 8125 to 452X or vice-versa?
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone done velocity testing on these three materials ? Which seems to be the prefered material and why ? Thanks for any input PB
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    I thought I would ask a question of string material and also relay an experience. Which do you prefer 8125 or D97 or another material and why? For myself this pertains to Longbow needs. I've been playing with different strings as to strand count and material. D97, FF, TS-1 plus etc. Right now...
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    I bought the bow from 1bdj, it has a 8125 string for longs, Is that material the same as Fast Flight,, Can I use a fast flight string just the same? Thanks In Advance, Brian
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    What is the advantage of using 8125 over D97? I have been using D97 but as I have to get some more, I have been thinking about getting 8125 instead. After all, if DAS use 8125, it have to be good. LOL. Would you please share your experience. Thanks Martin
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    Which string material do you prefer, and why? :help:
1-12 of 13 Results