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    Im running a titan with long 40# limbs turned out a few turns so im guessing im still under #45 at my draw and I want to try some 600 spine shafts. the problem is a I draw almost 30in and I see most shafts in 600 only come in 30in lengths...any ideas?
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    In preparation for Lancaster, and knowing I can't make it to the club as much as I'd like to in the next 3 weeks, I need to focus and use my 16 yard basement range to the maximum benefit I can muster out of it. I printed off the FITA faces at the correct ratio for 16 yards to give myself as...
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    Hey everyone! As hunting seasons come to an end and the temperature starts to get bitter I feel safe in wishing you all a Happy Indoor Season! As most of you would agree, in my opinion, indoor rounds are arguably the best way for an individual to measure his / her progression in accuracy...
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    I'm toying with setting up a bow for some indoor 20 yard competition, and was wondering if there were any 0.35" arrows available in 600 or 700 spine. Does anyone know of a carbon shaft like this? I'm using my standard GT Velocity 0.28" in the meantime!
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    40#OTF, im getting good tune and groups with the following: .500 31" long with 125gr tip .600 29" long with 125gr tip but also getting good shooting with .500 29" long with 175gr tip plugged in the numbers on the 3R spine calculator and theyre all within 2 points of each other. i plan to hunt...
1-5 of 49 Results