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    Hey all -- According to the 3rivers dynamic spine calculator, my bow has a dynamic spine of 63. It's a Black Widow PAV 41# @ 27" (which is my draw). 62" AMO. Every carbon spine chart out there says I should be at .500 carbon spine with 100-125gr points at 28" of length. But when I plug that...
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    I heard enough of "the guys" talking up the 3Rivers bamboo longbow limbs. I got some used from ADAM GEHRKE aka tradslam....thanks ADAM. I was honestly skeptical......"no free lunches" thoughts. I got out my osbd riser (old scurvey bronze Dalaa) with Centaurs. Added the 3R limbs to my nat gear...
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    Ok, Steve goaded me into buying a set to try. Ordered a set of XL 45# limbs as I will be using them on a Dalaa 21, my Das Elite and the Tribute. My goal was to be about [email protected] and hit around 44-45 at my 30.5” DL. They came in today, by the way super quick free shipping. First test is on the...
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    Hello! Does anyone know who makes the bamboo limbs 3rivers offers for the DAS system? I’m thinking about getting a set of 60# longbow limbs for my riser and was wondering if they’re worth it, or if I should invest in higher quality limbs, such as those made by Dryad. Thanks! -Caelan
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    Anyone know anything about these and can offer a hands-on opinion? Seem good value at $150 and available in ILF or DAS fitting. How do they brace up? Do they "flip-flop" at all unless at silly high brace heights? (I think others refer to this phenomenon as "noodling"). How do they compare...
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    Curious if anybody can speak to the accuracy of the 3 rivers spine calculator for Border limbs, or any other medium/big hook limbs. I'm setting up a wf19 with 32# long Hex 5s. Still waiting on the string so I can scale it, but this should be right around 40# at my draw with the limb bolts most...
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    Hi Everyone, I'm switching back to traditional archery after close to 10 years of being away from it. I shot recurves growing up in California, but then I grew to 6'4" and had to long of a draw for any of the bows I had. I live in Ohio now and have been hunting with a crossbow for the last few...
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    Fred's birthday is March 5th and in celebration we have 20% off most Bear Archery products (excludes bows/limbs). Be sure to check out the savings here:
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    Checkout our latest offer for saving 10% off your next purchase with us. Hurry though, offer ends in a few days!
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    Still so bugs to work out, but wanted to let everyone know that we have updated our Web site this week. It's responsive, meaning you can use it on your phone, tablet, computer, etc. Johnathan Karch VP Marketing 3Rivers Archery [email protected]
  11. TradTalk Main Forum I found a hoyt/easton prohunter riser to convert. It has the limb bolt pin like the provantage. I have been poring over threads here and learning lots. I will need to find some limbs now. I am looking at...
1-11 of 43 Results