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    I spent some time lately dropping off most all my ILF things to make room. here's a picture of my minimalist DAS stash. Some I acquired recently and I've not yet spent time setting them up with my grips & rests & plungers & limb sets & strings & arrows, & tuning. My gen1 sits as I've been...
  2. Hunting Camp
    Odd we don't have a thread yet so I'll start one. RCX-17 with Uukha UX100 evo2 limbs, gold tip 5575 arrows with 100 grn inserts, 100 grn magnus stinger 4 blade. Also as an aside I encourage everyone to post hunting stuff here rather than the main forum. I think some guys come to this site...
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    Check out or FB page or website for information. Mike
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    Getting my stuff together for this years Courtfield Cup ... one of the most Challenging archery tournaments you could imagine
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    Gold Medal Match: USA and Germany at the 24 minute mark. Compound: Steve Anderson Recurve: Brady Ellison Barebow: John Demmer, III
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    Historic Barlbrough Hall hosted for the fourth year running a 2 day Clout and mixed rove. day 1 was sunny but on day 2 it rained like cats and dogs. Apologies for the limited scope of the pictures but I was field captain for the 2 days so I was juggling score sheet, umbrella, and camera as well...
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    Congratulations to all the IBO World Championship top five.
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    I left the house 5:00am Friday morning and rolled into the Ocala Conservation Center a bit after 8:00am and just as Big Jim and Preacher were setting up their tent... I spent most of Friday greeting old friends and just relaxing and plinking on the practice range then met up with Robert...
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    Arvin Weaver is once again sponsoring the Self-Bow Shootdown this year at the 2018 Trad Worlds in Pipestem, West Virginia. It will be comprised of the top 10 Self-Bow scores in their first round on the Bowhunter Challenge course. Your scorecard must be turned in by 4:00 Saturday, and the...
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    Pipestem, West Virginia July 20-22, 2018 New format for 2018 IBO Traditional World Championship, Pipestem, WV, July 20-22, 2018 The IBO mission is to offer a true world class competitive event that also promotes fellowship of family and friends. Beginning this year we will offer four...
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    Does anyone know when the new pricelist will come out for Border? I thought it is usually March. Thanks Gil
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    Just ran across this on YouTube and thought it was worth a share:
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    I shot my first NFAA tournament this past weekend. I did shoot great, but respectable for only shooting the distance and target size for 10 weeks. Most important to me was getting to meet and talk to so many great traditional archers who gave me advice and taught me so much. It was a...
1-13 of 57 Results