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    I am watching the 2017 3d World Finals. I think they refer to ground walking as just picking a familiar distance and estimating the distance beyond that point. I have seen a few others use their hand held out flat in front of them. What exactly are they doing?
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    Dryad bows annual autumn sale 2017 LAST DAY!!
  3. Hunting Camp
    Went out for a quick sneak at my place last night. Rain broke at 1500hrs and clear skies. Went to an old spot on a ridge just up a little from a white oak stand. Had action whole couple hours was there. About, 1815 a doe came nosing her way side sloping the ridge. She was very alert not feeding...
  4. Hunting Camp
    March 2017: The West Virginia Bowhunters Association has an annual awards banquet and bi-annually, give away a hunt. It's called the 500 club drawing. Any member who scores 500 at one of our shoots is given a certificate. Five of those certificates will give you one chance in the 500 club...
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    Found this recently. I like the way the editor included slow motion arrow flight, and the choice of music was cool. Joel Turner even has a cameo, and you wil see "The Push" on a guy's hat. This shoot is on my bucket list.
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    Has anyone had a chance to shoot the new Dryad Limb? I'm sure they had some at ETAR and Trad worlds and I would love to hear some thoughts. I am debating on buying two sets of them, one for my competition riser and one set for my hunting riser or should I save up for the ACS version?
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    For the most part?...I'll just let the pix do the talking. Upon checking in and registering?...Kevin (TBOF's Prez) was all excited (and for good reason) telling me about the magnificent bow Big Jim had just finished and delivered unto him at this shoot telling me he left it over at Big Jim's...
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    Ever wanted to shoot a York or Clout round with a stickbow? Long distances and lots of fun! Come join us for a target tournament like it was done in a simpler time! Registration closes Aug. 16. All info here:
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    I wasn't going to video to much this year at Denton and didn't even bring my bigger camera out. In fact I didn't video anything the whole first day. So many people came up and thanked me for the prior videos I kinda felt bad :) so on Saturday I started videoing using my small camera I use for...
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    It is like basically an archery sauna. Hot and sticky. Shot with Gary and Sandy, Matt and his boy, and one other guy. Some good targets, some less good. Fun was had by all.
  12. Trail Cams
    Mild winter, deer are looking good. This was a month ago
1-12 of 51 Results